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Seeking Inspiration? Discover Gallery Books Press
Sharrye Schlerf  ---  Gallery Books Press Sharrye Schlerf --- Gallery Books Press
Richmond, VA
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Do you believe in Prophecy? 
Seeking inspiration that stirs?
Discover the prophetic thriller "Direction in an Age of Confusion" by author and chaplain Sharrye Schlerf at Gallery Books Press.
Have you seen the new "Prophet's Blog" also created by Ms. Schlerf, these blogs provide backgrounder into analyzing the creation of her new ebook novel. Informative background for discussion at our new Zoom Book Club, beginning October 19th. Please join us and RSVP online. Weave a path amid historical Timeline and study patterns of turbulence. Are times a'changing? Do you feel as secure as 10 years ago or 20 years ago?
What is of greatest concern amid these New Normal days.
Family. Community. Health. Religion. Education. Politics. Law & Order. Weather. Famine. Pandemic.
Is this The Great Awakening?  
Dismayed at current headlines & challenges? Find "Direction in an Age of Confusion" and be inspired by the new blog  as backgrounder defining prophetic visions.
This prophetic thriller will be analyzed by segment, by subscription available only at Gallery Books Press.  
What defines a Prophet? 
Musing that, Ms Schlerf developed "The Prophet's Blog" as insight and background to fully reckon with the new ebook. Here are a few recent examples, view the daily blogs at Gallery Books Press: http://ow.ly/VBq330rcrZV
Blog 4 theme
Inspired by the Book of Joel and National Repentance. Might that resonate these days?
How were Biblical prophecy to unfold?  The locusts, the drought, the plague. Ancient priests suspending services.
Or whether "locusts" merely ancient verbage for invaders, suggesting "waste-laying" ( ie., perhaps similar analogy to the Civil War and "March to the Sea" )
Parallel passages also exist in the prophet Isaiah's Book 66:19-24, looking through corridors of time, beyond their age, into ours and beyond.  And although ancient prophets had to deliver bad news, the good news was deliverance and restoral.
Blog 5 theme
Discovering the Prophet Jonah was presented with messaging amid ancient days of complacency.  The ancients prone to ignoring dangers reckless.  Does that seem like modern disregards for COVID Advisories.
The Book of Jonah also addresses prejudice that also seems to resonate today. Jonah's message was to preach amid a subversive capital.  Instead, he opted to escape and boarded a ship that was tempest tossed amid great storms.
The crew grew feisty and blamed the weather misfortunes on Jonah and tossed him into the turbulent waves...and thusly the classic Whale's Tale.  Overwhelmed with awe, Jonah proceeded with his mission.
Chaplain Schlerf guides the reader along biblical interpretations into modern faith while navigating the New Normal.  
Blog 6 theme
Revisits the Book of Revelation, prophetic in nature, or is skilled interpretation needed defining the Antichrist or Rapture. The theme remains repentance amid challenging timesExplore biblical passages and ponder modern interpretation and across from historical Timeline. 
Blog 7 theme
...features a repost of a blog from last year...before the Pandemic saluting "The Soldier's Creed" displayed in Ms. Schlerf's office: I am the daughter of an American Soldier, I am a warrior & member of a team, I serve the people of the USA...
Join us for our new Zoom book club October 19th, hosted by Chaplain Schlerf. RSVP online: http://ow.ly/UcWd30ranVZ 
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Name: Sharrye Schlerf
Title: Publisher
Group: Gallery Books Press
Dateline: Williamsburg, VA United States
Direct Phone: 804-384-9325
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