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Sedo syndicates brokerage service through domain name registrars
Andrew Allemann -- DomainNameWire.com Andrew Allemann -- DomainNameWire.com
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Dateline: Seattle , WA
Wednesday, July 8, 2020


SedoMLS Brokerage enables registrars to offer Sedo’s brokerage services when a domain isn’t listed for sale.

SedoMLS brokerage service lander allows a Sav.com customer to hire Sedo's brokers

Sedo is now offering a brokerage service option through its SedoMLS service.

SedoMLS syndicates much of Sedo’s inventory through domain name registrars, allowing end users to buy domains directly at their registrar. SedoMLS Brokerage allows end users to hire Sedo to buy domain names they search for that are not listed for sale at Sedo.

Some registrars offer buy-side domain brokerage but many don’t have the capability in-house. SedoMLS brokerage lets them outsource this.

Sedo names four registrars that are using the brokerage service, but only one appears to have already implemented the feature. (Update: Fabulous and DirectNic rotate with other brokerage services. United-Domains has activated it on its .de site but not .com). When you search for an already-registered domain at Sav.com that is not listed for sale, Sav.com offers Sedo’s service. See the picture above for the user experience.

Customers apply for the brokerage service so that Sedo can qualify them. Then they pay a $69 fee and a 15% commission if the purchase is successful.

A product page for SedoMLS notes that SedoMLS partners earn 25% of Sedo’s commission. This is the first time I’ve seen this number made public, and I assumed they received 50% of the commission. However, SedoMLS partners can mark up MLS domains to increase their effective commissions.

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