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Second Single "M.I." From Rising Singer and Songwriter Errow is Out Now on All Major Music Platforms
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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Part of the cover art for Errow's newest single .

Cover art for Errow's New Single "Mistaken Identity"

The Official Cover Art for Errow's .

Official Single cover art for Errow's "Mistaken Identity"

"M.I." is the second single release this year from upcoming solo artist Errow. Her debut EP is released later this week on Friday September 24th 2021.

Music is my neverending dream”

— Errow

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Errow was born and raised in north Chicagoland and she doesn’t remember a time when she wasn't singing. Classically trained in grade and high school, she then moved into jazz and pop studies in college.

For over a decade she performed across the U.S. and Canada, both at local venues and larger festivals and now the time has come for her to venture out with her own solo project. She has dived into a different style and identity, vocalising her journeys and discoveries through the lens of her influences and desire to combine and create new sounds.

M.I. (Mistaken Identity) is her second single leading up to her first EP being released later this week. The use of metaphors is very present in every song, making it interesting to figure out the true meaning behind them.

The artist describes a feeling of having the lyrics just coming through her and the melodies naturally came flowing along, all with a sense to realise that in whatever capacity, music and she were meant to be.

Some artists have a clear vision of their sound. Others, like Errow are somewhat more unspecific. Her music tastes span from Chopin to Tool to Stevie Wonder and people have compared her voice to legends such as Tina Turner and Grace Slick.

She's inspired by artists who take their influences and create a unique sound through their artistic lens. With these new songs, she's enjoyed expressing her distinctive journey and hope to join the community of ever evolving musicians. She's sure there will be opinions about her unique sound and writing style but that is something she welcomes with an open mind.

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Errow - m.i. [mistaken identity] (Lyric Video)

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