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Scout's Honor Reviewed by Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com
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Monday, March 4, 2024

Scout's Honor Reviewed by Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com

Embark on an enthralling journey with John McNellis's latest novel, Scout's Honor!

You will be captivated from beginning to end by this gripping tale, which is a roller coaster of crime, punishment, and pursuing redemption.

Burdened by his father's legacy and longing for a heroic destiny, Eddie Kawadsky is introduced to us as the narrative opens in San Diego during the summer of 1969.

Entangled in a risky scheme, Eddie is driven by the persuasive allure of his childhood friend, Roy Cross. Unbeknownst to him, behind Roy's enticing promises of easy money and excitement lies a web of deceit and peril.

In subsequent scenes, the story rewinds two weeks earlier, shedding light on Eddie's employment at the Rivera Inn, a weight-loss spa on San Diego's Coronado Island.

Jonnie Collins and her husband established the Inn a decade ago, aspiring for promise and potential.

Impressed by Eddie's numerical aptitude and unwavering ambition, Jonnie harbored hopes of him assuming one-day ownership of the Inn.

Jonnie captivated Eddie and held her in high esteem, embracing her wisdom, mainly when she taught him a crucial lesson: rather than working with his hands, he should engage with people and ideas as millionaires do. 

Eddie has yet to understand the impact of this advice on his future endeavors.

Financial barriers hindered Eddie's dream of becoming a Navy pilot, necessitating college completion.

Despite living in his van and relying on the Inn's kitchen for meals for eighteen months, he only saved a meager three thousand dollars.

Determined, Eddie concluded he could work to take night classes and pursue his aspirations with an additional year of effort.

Out of the blue, Roy Cross arrives at the Inn and reveals a scheme to Eddie to help him achieve his aspirations.

They would transport marijuana across the border from Mexico using Eddie's van. He doesn't tell Eddie that it is not marijuana that is being smuggled across the border but a considerable amount of cocaine.

Roy introduces Eddie to Tommy Mahoney, his partner and a customs inspector who will help them cross the border. For his services, Eddie would receive two thousand dollars. Roy may make it seem simple, but unanticipated complications can throw a wrench into even the most meticulously planned endeavors.

The shocking truth about his cargo being cocaine, not marijuana, propels Eddie into a dangerous game with incredibly high stakes.

Roy finds himself imprisoned in Rosarito, which derails the plan, leaving Eddie to grapple with the daunting task of survival and the uncertain chance of escaping to the other side of the border.

What would happen next, assuming he crossed the border with the cocaine without being caught?

Before you know it, Eddie's neck-deep in a dangerous game. And when things go south, he's left scrambling to survive, facing off against corrupt cops, drug lords, and his own inner demons.

Eddie struggles with the impending uncertainty. He was unaware of Roy's client base, had no means of contacting them, and had no information about where the shipment went.

Despite not knowing who the buyers were, Eddie knew the severe consequences of disappointing the drug lords. He had a coherent plan:

  • Cross the border.

  • Hide the drugs.

  • Return to Rosarito to rescue Roy.

  • Pray that the drug traffickers wouldn't blame him for the late delivery.

While crossing the border into the USA, Eddie's thoughts centered on Tommy Mahoney, the corrupt border inspector. He hoped Mahoney would be at the designated spot, making his journey smooth.

Crossing the border is just the beginning of Eddie's troubles.

Roy's plan takes a wrong turn, resulting in gunfire, where Eddie defends himself by shooting two corrupt cops.

He faces the challenge of escaping from furious narcos, the cops, and his inner struggles as he heads towards New York City.

But that's just the beginning! Fast forward 25 years, and Eddie's living a double life as Richard Austen, a successful real estate investor in New York City. When he thinks he's left his past behind, Roy shows up, threatening to unravel everything Eddie's worked for.

Eddie faces the hardest decision of his life to ensure the safety of his new life and his wife. Will it remove his years of shame, or will his past prove too strong?

It's a thrilling ride that delves into complex themes like morality, guilt, trust, and redemption. With its magnetic storytelling, Scout's Honor entices fans with complex narratives and flawed characters.

As Eddie faces his past and struggles for redemption, the story hooks us with its suspense and emotional depth. McNellis keeps us glued to the pages with his captivating storytelling, leaving us breathless until the end.

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