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Sales Challenge at CosmoProf is Fit For a Queen
Robin Jay --  Las Vegas Keynote Speaker Robin Jay -- Las Vegas Keynote Speaker
Las Vegas, NV
Friday, June 20, 2014

Award-winning Author, Speaker, and Filmmaker Robin Jay
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Award-winning author, filmmaker, and speaker Robin Jay will share her secrets, tips, and techniques for growing business at the upcoming CosmoProf beauty industry show in Las Vegas this July. Jay will present her informative and motivational program to international distributors for Natulique, a certified organic line of hair color products.

Jay will share her program, "The Keys to Increasing Sales," which is designed to help professionals connect with others in such a way as to immediately increase sales and achieve business growth. Robin transforms how people interact with others and has proven for more than 30 years that building improved, more committed relationships ultimately results in more closed sales and increased business. Her unique ability to inspire and motivate with humor and memorable anecdotes empowers audiences while making her one of the most popular sales speakers ever.

For any company that will be attending CosmoProf in Las Vegas, July 2014, Jay is extending a special 50% discount off her regular speaking fee. She will present a customized program for any team in the industry or CosmoProf exhibitor. She said she is making this offer because many smaller companies don't believe they can afford a top speaker, so instead of bringing in someone with outside experience, they simply have their CEO or other company executive speak. She knows the value of bringing in a sales expert and professional speaker, so she wants to make her programs more affordable than ever. Since she is going to be speaking at CosmoProf for Natulique, she decided to offer her programs to other companies, as well.

"I'm going to be in the area, so this can be a tremendous opportunity for some smaller companies to take advantage of my presence by bringing me in to motivate and inspire their sales and distribution teams without having to worry about travel or any related expenses. I have an affinity for the beauty industry and want to help everyone involved in it to excel. Last year, I spoke at the iSpa Conference in Las Vegas and was embraced by their attendees over the heartfelt and content-rich program I shared." It was so well received, said Jay, that she was sked to return. The beauty industry is highly competitive, so hearing from someone with my unique experience and information can make tremendous difference in the results a group will be able to achieve over the coming years."

Jay saw a 2,000% increase in her sales when she was an advertising account executive. She identifies her record-breaking sales as the result of the relationships she was able to build over time. While working in advertising, Jay's clients started calling her "The Queen of the Business Lunch," a title she later trademarked, as she was often booked more than a month out for client lunches. She wrote a book on the subject and today, her award-winning book, "The Art of the Business Lunch: Building Relationships Between 12 and 2" (Career Press), is available in 12 languages.

Since resigning to pursue her career as a writer, speaker, and filmmaker, Jay says her scope and sales expertise has grown. She shares, "As an entrepreneur, I am still selling all the time. Whether I'm offering my speaking, publishing, coaching or filmmaking services, I see my business grow as a result of the relationships I'm able to build. People have choices – today more than ever – and if they don't enjoy working with you, regardless of your product or services, they can choose to work with someone else."

Jay is excited to share her inspiring program with Natulique's distributors who will soon arrive from points around the globe, including Japan, Australia, and France. The company's mission is to share new ways for their clients to incorporate healthier choices and natural, high quality products into their lives. Jay says, "The information I will share is not just about doing business in the United States. The techniques I share are universal and will help this very special team to grow their business on a global level."

If your company is attending the 2014 CosmoProf show in Las Vegas and you'd like to talk to Robin about doing a presentation for your team before, during, or after the event, please email her at Robin@RobinJay.com or call the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau at 702-460-1420.

For more information, please contact Robin@LVCSB.com. Experts interested in working with the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau or who are interested in appearining in Robin Jay's newest film should email Robin@RobinJay.com.


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