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SaaS Email Deliverability Platform Hits $1.56M ARR in Under 9 Months
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Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Completely Bootstrapped Startup Folderly Uses AI to Solve Spam Issues & Offer 99% Email Deliverability

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Folderly, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform that increases email deliverability, click rates, open rates, reply rates and more, announced today it has officially surpassed $1.56M annual recurring revenue (ARR) in less than nine months.

A completely bootstrapped company founded by Vladislav Pokolyako and Michael Maximoff, Folderly has been on an explosive growth path since its inception in 2019. On a mission to help marketers accelerate their sales by assisting them in sending emails that drive revenue, Folderly is paving the way for the industry by achieving an average of 99% email deliverability, 95% annual gross churn rate, 60% open rates and 200% revenue increases for its clients.

“With email marketing being more important than ever before, we were consistently seeing marketers blow large sums of money on campaigns that resulted in low open rates and often times landing right into the spam folder of the end-user. Through highly targeted research and understanding how DNS settings play a role in email deliverability, we were able to develop a highly revolutionary algorithm designed to optimize the messages being sent in order to guarantee spam-free delivery that results in a lower cost per lead and maximizing sales, said Pokolyako. “There’s truly no other platform on the market today that is as reliable, accessible and affordable as Folderly.”

Here is how the SaaS platform helps its customers reach the inbox and not the spam folder:

• Custom Email Templates: Companies are able to create their own, custom email template that is tailored to their specific needs. The marketer can then choose what templates to warm up and test during email spam test and email spam fix.
• Dynamic Premium Senders: The Folderly spam-fixing solution includes thousands of paid senders. These email addresses rotate daily so that at the end of the spam fix week each, the email being sent has a new list of senders to ensure consistent results through all users.
• Spam-Fixing Solution: Customers have the ability to connect to an industry-leading spam-fixing solution that not only marks emails as "not spam", but also labels them as "important", and moves emails from the spam folder back to the email inbox.
• GPT-3 Powered Intelligence: This platform is powered by machine learning enabled automatic email generation and reply processing to mimic human-to-human conversation when spam fix is active.

“When we initially launched as a B2B lead generation agency, we quickly realized our clients were repeatedly having trouble with their outreach emails landing in the spam folder or, in the best-case scenario, the promotion folder,” said Maxinoff. “With most of our competitors using a peer-to-peer warmup model, which may create some risks with privacy and hurt deliverability due to interaction with spammers, we know there was no legit solution to help increase the sender reputation on the market. So, that’s why we decided to build Folderly and simplify email deliverability topics for everyone.”

Currently attracting an average of 30 customers per month with a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of $130,000, Folderly works with some of the country’s most recognized leaders in education, public service and technology including University of California, Berkeley, Titan Growth, Born & Bred, Cemtrex, Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Texas Association of Business, Great Rochester Chamber of Commerce and Pibox.

Folderly integrates with the most popular Email Service Providers including Hotmail G-Suite, AWS, Outlook, Yahoo, Office 365, ZOHO, Gmail, GoDaddy, iCloud, SendGrid, ProtonMail, MailGun, and more.

For more information about Folderly, visit https://folderly.com/ or call 302-966-9083. To request a demo and to try a free 7-day trial, visit https://folderly.com/email-spam-fix.

Vladislav Podolyako
Folderly Inc
+1 302-966-9083

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