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Dateline: American Fork, UT
Monday, September 13, 2021


September 13, 2021

If you are in Crypto and, for the moment, are experiencing a recent disappointment at the recurring dips for BitCoin and Etherium as I have, join the club. Still, one of the main things I have learned is to recognize the volatility of this potentially fantastically lucrative form of investment and to not lose my cool totally when my rather frequent proximity to rather bold upward pumps of BTC and Eth do not turn out. Although I am personally waiting until my major coins reach and surpass their former levels, I am investigating the Alt coins that I will address once this point is reached. I have met the sudden reversal of alt coins too many times to allow my portfolio to depend of their largesse (with the exception of Eth). I do see a lot of opportunities slipping by me- but I am determined to investigate but not invest until I see a serious upward climb of these two major coins.

In this next video, Chris shares another “emergency” video with us, giving us his thoughts about the immediate future of the Cryptonic galaxy.

BITCOIN & CRYPTO!!!!!! TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The following is a significant comment by Ben Armstrong, the BitBoy entrepreneur and sometime political philosopher giving his take on the factors that control our financial system and two coins that can help you “swim with the whales” if you are so inclined. The only one he recommends for this current market is Avalanche, which has a complex but possibly very powerful ecoystem with a number of components. I love his commentary. But it would be probably better if he had a real cigar.

I totally respect the narratives and often sly humor of the Coin Bureau. I feel very close to its perspective on trading, which I intend to study more closely. I think he makes significant and understandable videos and wants to guide us through the labyrinth of mirrors to the real stars of the Cryptotonic Galaxy.


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