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Sunday, September 5, 2021


September 5, 2021

A few points here. The blog, “Strange But Welcome Visitors,” is meant to introduce some of my favorite commentators on crypto to the public. In this blog, we link to the complete videos and sometimes documents, tweets, press releases and other pertinent material, when appropriate. There is also a video that has basically the same narrative but much shorter slips, designed so an interested video audience can quickly see what they could find on the blog presentation of the video. My motive here is to share some of these wonderful and sometimes not-so-wonderful portraits of the crypto universe. My goal is stimulate interest in crypto but also to obtain relevant comments from those who read the blog and see the video. I am not by any means a crypto expert and my comments do not reflect any deep knowledge- but rather the attempts of a fascinated crypto enthusiast and small investor trying to piece together this exciting world.

After a long period of darkness for those of us in crypto, we have now had a series of significant upwards spikes which thrusted BitCoin over $50,000 and Ethereum over $4000. This is after we had both at even greater heights which tumbled down quickly disillusioning many small investors and questioning the possibility that the Bull Run expected by both veterans and newcomers alike, might never come again for quite some time.

Prior to these momentous spikes, the Bitcoin Channel wavered somewhere between the $33000 and $42000 area- back and forth, back and forth like some kind of neurotic clockwork. However, a lot of the YouTubers I most respect, like George at CryptosRUS, Lark Davis, BitBoy and his crew, and Chris at MMCrypto kept bolstering the future upwards, while never ignoring the realities of the moments.

Chris at MMCrypto has a very large, dedicated following and appears- as with the following video- to believe in appearing often at irregular times with his “emergency announcements. Chris is primarily a specialist in BitCoin but also often takes account of Ethereum. Recently, he has been also including various other Alt Coins, Chris is also a multimillionaire and transparently presents many of his multi-million dollar trades. In the following short clip presenting possibilities for Crypto, we Chris comment on the possibility for an upwards price spike but also its limitations and the chance of a downsize movement. This clip shows the value of Chris’ point of view reflecting his knowledge of technical analysis, which most Crypto experts believe is a clue to guide their investments- or say to present the possibility or impossibility of real opportunities. Although I would say that Chris is optimistic, he does not pull punches- and he combines his optimistic calculations with the possible shortfalls.

BitBoy is in a nice way, somewhat like the Barnum and Baily of crypto, presents multiple avenues to pursue his areas of interest, particularly in Crypto, but also in online entrepreneurship as well. It is something like a five or so ring Crypto Circus, featuring some of the greatest acts in Crypto- with interview by many creators of blockchain masterpieces as well as discussions of weighty legal and sometimes political issues affecting the Crypto universe. One of his great contributions is Around the BlockChain, featuring a number of Crypto YouTube experts discussing their take on major topics in the Crypto world.

In this video, among other things,there is a discussion of what it means to hold crypto as opposed to trading. As a new crypto user, there are many decisions one has to make and this is one of the most important. There is a world of knowledge that one needs to assimilate and use to actually trade in crypto- and, although there may be a small amount of trading involved in holding- because you do buy and sell occasionally, this is rather a simple thing to do- but critical to the majority of crypto users who favor holding over trading. `

There have been many challenges to Crypto which has affected price levels. Some were transient, intrinsically unimportant in quality but dangerous to price levels- like Elon Musk’s attempts to manipulate the crypto and comments by various “investment specialists”- but some like the Security and Exchange’s challenges to Crypto of rather large significance but often difficult to decipher. Alt Coin, whose video follows, certainly attempts to cover the market with extremely lucid videos- but today’s video is based more on a forewarning of the possibility of the SEC’s actual investigation of the renowned Uniswap exchange changing into some kind of action against its activities. He is not a fan of this type of interference. Personally, although I do see some regulation as valuable, particularly in challenging true criminal activities, I fear the intrusion of the government and certain self-interested entities (like Central Banks) trying to protect the few at the expense of the many (the ever-expanding cryptocurrency world.


In our New Galaxy Blogs, we share various types of videos for you to scrutinize. Unless we specifically say so, we do not necessarily agree with their content, in whole or in part. Sometimes, we will present written or audio/video material concerned with health or financial issues. We always recommend that before you try anything, you check with your medical or certified health professional before engaging in a health protocol- and with your best qualified financial advisor before embarking on any financial adventure,

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