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Sunday, June 27, 2021


June 26, 2021

The last few days, after a slight spike upward, things began to descend again. In some ways, the BitCoin. world has had some phenomenally good moments but some overwhelming challenges to its potential value and its worth. Some say the recent upsurge was due to the BitCoin miners who were forced to leave China.

Although Ethereum has been being test-burned and some powerful new advancements are on their way, can Cardano, whose coin is ADA. catch up with Ethereum’s approaching massive new potential in some unexpected, almost magical way? Right now, Ethereum is 2nd in command to BitCoin in following BTC’s price performance, with some saying, including BitBoy whose video follows, that soon, Ethereum may be the new leader, growing faster than BitCoin during its bullish ascent, at least for awhile. Here. BitBoy shares some elements of its secret project, giving his opinion that the immediate future may hold big thinsgs for ADA.

Bitboy Crypto
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Kian, the Crypto Kid, (see video below) is a multi-talented player in the Crypto World, having recently given us a glimpse of his new musical NFTs. If Greg Mannarino, who I acknowledge as the true Robin Hood of Wall Street, has seen fit to sponsor this new show, can we also acknowledge Kian as the Wall Street Robin Hood’s minstrel. Alan A-Dale?

Like so many of his peers on YouTube, Kian acknowledges the challenges and positive moments for BitCoin- like China banning BitCoin and El Salvador as embracing it as legal tender; preceding new information that Paraguay is considering the same in a new bill. Like Elon Musk, buying a huge amount and stating he would sell his cars for BitCoin, then a short time later abandoning because he suddenly discovers BitCoin uses a lot of electricity; then asserting that if BitCoin reduces its non-renewable energy consumption, he’s in again. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and other institutions predict its down slide while maneuvering to offer BitCoin to their clients. Kian states his own position clearly, along with many others- the whales are controlling the market. There aren’t enough harpoons to throw at some many whale anyway. But maybe Robin Hood and Alan can come up with something along with the rest of the articulate crypto community. But, at present, we need to watch and conform to the right strategy in light of this control.

Lark Davis combines a level-head, realistic approach to investing. And he, like everyone else, does not pretend to absolutely know the future- but like many, but not all of his colleagues, he believes we are still in a bull market overall- with somewhat scary bearish dips clouding our not-long-ago eurphoria.

Chris (video down below) specializes in technical analysis, which he believes in fervently as a guide to trading. Many of his show emphasize a new and unexpected pattern that has shown up in his charts. But, regardless whether or not this endears you to his ever-excited discoveries, whether promising or threatening, he appears to be have a generally happy and often grateful community- and he is, of course, a multi-millionaire with what appears to be a large social conscience and charitable nature.

Ah, George- I love to listen to George. He is both comforting to listen to and challenging to whatever your plans or thoughts are in the Crypto world. He has a practical but very shrewd psychological approach to maintaining and growing a crypto portfolio. When he says- and explains, why VeChain is a sleeping giant, I listen.


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