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Dateline: American Fork, UT
Saturday, June 19, 2021


June 19, 2021

These are strange moments for Bitcoin and Ethereum investors. For one thing, the price dips or ascensions by Bitcoin can define much of the Alt Coin market- and, for a while, after hitting a high level around the 60000 price range, BTC’s price is now cascading between approximately 31000 and 43000. Those who are worrying are wondering about bullish or bearish nature of the Bitcoin Direction. BitBoy (video below) isn’t always perfect in his predictions- but he often is- and, if he promotes volatility, I would believe it surely might happen. Between the advocates and distractors of BitCoin- and those who waver in between like Elon and a number of large investment firms, it makes me definitely,feel volatile, even though I continue to be bullish this year. You don’t necessarily have to feel fear when your on a roller coaster, but that doesn’t mean your not being jerked aroudn.

What’s amazing about Chris at MMCrypto is that he continually makes predictions from technical analysis- and still he always is rather excited- and, ignorant as I am, I am pretty blase when it comes to technical analysis predictions. Still, Chris shoots a pretty straight arrow. Still rarely does he make a prediction without serving his audience with a possible caveat- a deviation from what he believes may happen- often the opposite. This is true of practically all serious and consistent crypto commentators. I wish I could give him a crystal ball but I can’t even seem to keep a hold of mine.

Lark is one confident, dependable commentator on Crypto. Like most of the commentators I respect, he has a seemingly high level of personal success- but he tends to be careful and conservative. Still, that doesn’t diminish his enthusiasm for his chosen mission- to keep his viewers safe and on the right track- hence this video….,

George is another great Crypto commentator. And just like the others, he has many ways you can connect to him. But I find him to be, again, very sensitive to his followers, including newcomers. And in this video, he explores the value of passive income for those who can afford to invest in crypto in a manner that generates royalties or some type of profit-sharing in a variety of vehicles. Like all the other responsible commentators, he warns against leveraging, particularly for an inexperienced trader.


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