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S.O.S Pads – A Great Pot and Pan Choice and More, with Limits
William R. Griffin --  Cleaning Consultant Services William R. Griffin -- Cleaning Consultant Services
Seattle, WA
Tuesday, April 28, 2020


S.O.S Pads – A Great Pot and Pan Choice and More, with Limits

By William R. Griffin, President,

www.CleaningConsultants.com , Bg1@ccsmL.com , C-206-849-0179

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The trusty S.O.S pad, now owned by Clorox, has been around since 1917 when pot and pan salesman Ed Cox started handing out soap-soaked steel wool pad to his customers and the rest is history. Although the trusty S.O.S pads now come in multiple sizes and types, it's primarily known for cleaning grease baked pots and pans in the kitchen, but it does have other uses. Additional cleaning tasks for S.O.S pads include: glass shower doors, ceramic tile, chrome, stainless steel sinks, counter tops, stone floors, tire rims, metal window frames and other hard surfaces found in the home, garage and driveway (RV, boat, car, truck, motorcycle). Being S.O.S pads can be a bit aggressive when elbow grease is applied, care, thought and common sense should be used at all times. One way to avoid trouble and serious damage is to test the pads use in a small obscure spot before attempting to clean a large area or an entire surface. If your going to screw something up, it's always best to keep it small and out of view.


Reality Check

S.O.S pads aren't for cleaning everything as damage is possible due to a loss of gloss/shine or change of appearance if you rub too hard on a surface that is soft, smooth or shiny. Even stainless steel can be scratched if you rub against the grain or focus on one spot too long or too hard. Some obvious "No No" surfaces for the trusty S.O.S pad include carpeting, fabric covered furniture and wall coverings, natural materials, wood, LVT and laminate flooring, ceiling tile and painted surfaces. Surfaces you shouldn't even walk by with an S.O.S pad in your hand include smooth and shiny plastics, and Faux stainless-steel often found on the doors of refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers. Careful consideration should be given to using S.O.S pads where water and suds may cause damage or leave an undesirable residue on the surface. One last warning, steel wool pad left wet over a period of time, especially if all the saturated detergent is gone, will rust and may stain other surfaces. A good rule is "once the detergent is gone, so is the pad, toss it in the trash". 


Safety First

When using any cleaning chemical or product, including S.O.S pads. Read and follow the label instruction on the box or bottle before you start cleaning. If you have questions, call the manufacturer's technical support line or visit their website for more information.


Protect Yourself

When using S.O.S pads, wear "Personal Protective Equipment-(PPE)" at all times, this includes rubber gloves, eye protection and a face mask if there is mist or dust in the air while cleaning.


Good Luck, Keep it Clean and Be Safe out there.


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Wm R. Griffin, President, Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc.

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