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Rowan Coin (RWN) Lists on Coinstore
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For Immediate Release:
Dateline: New York City, NY
Tuesday, November 7, 2023


Rowan Energy, a UK-based green blockchain company, announces the listing of its RWN coin on Coinstore, a global digital asset trading platform with a strong emphasis on emerging high-growth markets. This milestone marks a significant expansion of access to Rowan Energy's unique approach to integrating blockchain technology with renewable energy generation.

This listing brings exciting opportunities to Coinstore users, making RWN accessible to Coinstore's 3.6M+ global community and allowing them to officially trade the RWN/USDT trading pair.

What is the RWN Coin and its Ecosystem Integration

The RWN coin is a key component of the Rowan Energy ecosystem, designed to incentivize and reward green energy generation. Users can earn Rowan Rewards by generating renewable energy coupled with Rowan's SmartMiner device, which track energy generation and validate transactions on the company's Proof-of-Generation blockchain.

Moreover, the RWN coin facilitates a decentralized peer-to-peer energy trading platform, enabling users to buy and sell excess energy directly with one another. This not only empowers individuals to manage their energy needs more efficiently but also encourages the adoption of renewable energy sources by making them a financially viable option.

As part of Rowan Energy's commitment to sustainability, the RWN coin is also used for purchasing carbon offset NFTs, allowing users to contribute to global carbon reduction efforts directly.

Future Growth and Development

Rowan Energy continues to advance its mission, with several initiatives underway that promise to expand its impact on the renewable energy sector. The company is committed to ongoing innovation, ensuring the RWN coin remains at the heart of its future growth and development.

."We're thrilled about the RWN coin's listing on Coinstore, as it represents a significant step in our journey to align financial incentives with environmental responsibility,." said David Duckworth, CEO and Founder at Rowan Energy. ."This listing is not just a milestone for our company but also for individuals who believe in a sustainable future. The utility of the RWN coin within our ecosystem underpins its value, making it more than just a digital asset—it's a tool for change.." he continued.

As Rowan Energy continues to expand its reach and develop new solutions, the listing on Coinstore marks a crucial step forward. It opens doors for a global community to participate in and support a decentralized, green energy future—a future where financial incentives align seamlessly with our collective responsibility to the planet.

About Rowan Energy

Rowan Energy is a pioneering force in the intersection of blockchain technology and renewable energy. Founded in the UK, the company is dedicated to revolutionizing the energy sector with its innovative blockchain solutions. Rowan Energy's flagship product, the SmartMiner, is a testament to its ingenuity, effectively counting energy produced by residential rooftop solar installations and rewarding customers for their contributions to green energy.

About Coinstore

Coinstore, a global cryptocurrency exchange, distinguishes itself by its unwavering commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in the digital assets market. The platform offers a vast array of cryptocurrencies, adding new options weekly, ensuring that both seasoned traders and newcomers alike have many choices at their fingertips.

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