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Release your fears for better health
Jeanette Chasworth -- The Color Whisperer Jeanette Chasworth -- The Color Whisperer
Los Angeles , CA
Sunday, August 16, 2020


We Have nothing to fear but fear itself! What are you afraid of? are you letting it control you or are you willing to stand up and face your fears!

It's just like when we were kids...when you turned the light on, the monsters in the closet disappeared. Be brave enough to turn the light on and face your fears and you will see the monsters go away.

Fear surrounds us, maybe today more than ever. What are you afraid of? death? getting sick? failure?  spiders? height? politics?  It's easy to let these fears override us. To control how we live our daily lives.  There are proactive ways to work with your fear.

Let's start with what we can control.  Let's say you are afraid to get sick, what can you do today to prevent that? You can't go back and undo decisions, but today you can make better ones.  Diet is a great way to start. What are you eating?  Exercise is an integral part of keeping your body healthy, what exercise can you do, even if it's just walking or chair yoga, it's movement and it helps the body function better. Take some vitamins/supplements that boost your immune system. Research natural helpers for your illness and see what options there are out there.

What are you watching or listening to?  Are you listening to people, friends, relatives, media that are instilling fear in you or inspiring you?  What you think makes such a big difference in how you live.  If you live in fear, you are more likely to get what you fear.  Your energy becomes attuned to it and attracts it. Tinkerbell instructed Wendy, John and Michael to think a happy thought, and with a little fairy dust, they could fly. It's just a story, but there is great power in a happy thought. The more happy thoughts you have, the more healthy you will be.

Fear can get stuck in your body and create energy blocks that may cause you dis-ease.  These blocks can cause pain or prevent you from reaching your goals.  Once these blocks are cleared, you may find yourself hit with pixie dust and be able to fly.

Are you brave enough? Brave enough to face your fears, to turn on the light in the closet.  Integrated healing can help you discover the blocks and free yourself and face your fears.

For more information, contact www.jeanetteheals.com

Face your fears.

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