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Release of CARE2.care and Threat Assessment Clinical Toobox
Dr. Kathryn Seifert, Trauma and Violence Expert Dr. Kathryn Seifert, Trauma and Violence Expert
Baltimore, MD
Monday, August 16, 2021

CARE2 Toolbox

As children return to school, many have been isolated and suffer from depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  Additionally, they have not had adequate access to Behavioral Health Services. When children have been traumatized, under stress, and suffer from behavioral health symptoms, they may act out toward themselves or others.  This is not the time for a punitive system of behavioral change.  It is time to increase supports for youth and their families. 

How can you tell if a teenager needs more services and supports to help them build a healthier life without the risk of harm to oneself or others? Dr. Seifert has researched this problem for several decades.  She has now created a new website, care2.care, and the Threat Assessment Clinical Toolbox, released on the new website today. It has is a short version of the CARE2 and includes 2 scales, one for teen males and one for teen females. There are 13 items on the scale for girls and 16 items on the scale for males. These items will be events that will be familiar to most providers of services for youth. These scales were cross-validated by Drs Tossey, Venable, and Becker of Salisbury University through a MIPS grant and the cooperation of the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services.

The toolbox is quick and easy to score and creates a form that parents can use to help find services for their teens.  It is intended to help professionals and parents with concerns about their young person's behavioral health to get recommendations about what kinds of services a youth may need.

With this toolbox, counselors, therapists, teachers, case managers from departments of social services and juvenile services, and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselors can create a list of supports and services that a young person needs to build strengths and a successful life path. 

The care2.care website links Dr. Seifert's many informative articles on Psychology Today and a blog where professionals and parents can send comments and questions to her. 

Dr. Seifert has many years of experience providing psychotherapy, presentations, books, and articles.  She has appeared on Fox, CBS, CNN, local TV, and Discovery ID. Visit care2.care soon and often as we add additional features. 

Dr. Kathryn Seifert is a leading voice internationally on trauma, violence, mental health, criminal justice, and addictions. The CEO of Eastern Shore Psychological Services (ESPS) and CARE2, Dr. Seifert specializes in assessing and treating individuals who are traumatized, at risk for harm to self and others, and/or suffering from attachment problems. 

She has frequently appeared on national networks to discuss violence and mental health, appearing on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, the Huffington Post Live, Discovery ID, Fox News, and CBC in Canada. Dr. Seifert has written two books on the subject; the first, How Children Become (Acanthus Publishing 2006), was awarded the 2007 IPPY (Independent Book Publishers Award) bronze medal in the Psychology/Mental Health Category, and her second book, Youth Violence: Theory, Prevention, and Intervention (Springer Publishing 2011), is frequently utilized in the professional community and college courses.  As an expert contributor for Psychology Today, Dr. Seifert's blog, "Stop the Cycle," has amassed over 1.000,000 views. 

Dr. Seifert has lectured in Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, and across the United States. Past conferences and events include Maryland Psychological Association Annual Conference, Pennsylvania's NAMI, and the Conference on the Federal Response to Reducing Gun Violence, which took place following the Sandy Hook tragedy and was headlined by President Joe Biden. Additionally, Dr. Seifert speaks on Trauma and Attachment for PESI, INC.

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