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Reasons Why Men Cheat – Everything You Wanted to Know
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Monday, May 18, 2015

If your husband or boyfriend  is cheating on you, or has cheated on you in the past, no doubt the first question that crossed your mind was:


You’re not alone. Most women who are victims of infidelity want to know why their spouse or significant other was unfaithful, and what motivated him to have an affair.

But there are several important reasons you need to find out the reasons why he cheated on you.

Why It's Important to Know the Reasons Why He Cheated on You

Knowing the reason (or reasons) why your husband or boyfriend cheated on you can help you deal with the situation.

Knowing why he cheated is also the key to making an intelligent decision about the best way to deal with his infidelity.

If you decide to reconcile with your cheating mate
, knowing why he cheated can give you insight on how to rebuild your relationship and decrease the chances that it will happen again.

If you decide to leave your cheating mate
, knowing why he cheated can facilitate the healing process, and enable you to move on without letting baggage from your old relationship influence the next relationship in your life.

Below are links to 10 articles which will give you a better understanding of some of the reasons why men cheat on their mates, and help you determine why your husband or boyfriend, in particular, may have cheated on you.   

NOTE:  Understand that these articles are NOT excuses for his infidelity.  There are no valid reasons for a man to cheat on his mate.  But the articles below can help you understand some of the reasons whyyour spouse or significant other, in particular, may have cheated on you.     

Following  the links to 10 articles that will help you gain a better understanding of why men cheat, you will find a list of essential articles packed with practical, immediately-usable information that can help you in dealing with his affair, as well as a list of resources that will be of additional help.  

Understanding Why Men Cheat

25 Reasons Why Men Cheat
Men cheat for a variety of reasons. This article covers 25 of the many reasons men cheat on their mates.  Bear in mind that some men cheat for several of the reasons covered in this article.

Why Husbands Cheat
A discussion of 14 of the most common reasons why husbands cheat on their wives.

How Good Men End Up Cheating on their Mates
Sometimes, despite a man’s best intentions, he may end up cheating on his wife or girlfriend.  This article explores some of the factors that come into play when a man who people would never expect to be unfaithful, gets involved in an extramarital affair. 

Happy Husbands Cheat Too, and Even Good Marriages are Susceptible to Infidelity
Most people mistakenly assume that a happily married man would never cheat on his wife. It may come as a surprise to many women that at least 3 infidelity studies have found that
happy husbands cheat, too.   .One of the best kept secrets about cheating husbands, infidelity and extramarital affairs is that in most cases, a man’s happiness, or lack thereof, is not a determining factor in whether or not he will have an affair. Not every cheating husband is dissatisfied or unhappy with his marriage or his wife. See 25 Reasons Why Men Cheat  and Why Husbands Cheat.

Infidelity Traps  - 12 Ways People Unintentionally Get Drawn into Cheating on Their Mates
This article focuses on 12 situations a  man would do well to avoid if he want to remain faithful  and keep from inadvertently cheating on his mate. If your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you, he could have gotten caught up in one of these situations.

10 Innocent Actions that Can Lead to Infidelity
Sometimes the most innocent actions can inadvertently lead to infidelity. A number of ordinary, everyday things can lay the groundwork for having an affair, and contribute to an otherwise faithful man unintentionally cheating on his mate.  

Why Women Cheat vs  Why Men Cheat - They Cheat for Different Reasons
Men and women cheat for completely different  reasons. Numerous infidelity studies, surveys and polls have found that each gender has different motivations for having an affair. This article covers the top 10 reasons why men and women cheat.

Not every man who cheats will attempt  to cover his tracks,  or conceal the signs of infidelity to avoid getting caught.  Sometimes a cheating man actually wants his wife or girlfriend to find out about his affair.  This article discusses 8 reasons why.

Many people are convinced that men are genetically programmed to cheat. This article discusses the so-called “cheating gene, and whether or not a man can legitimately use this as an excuse for cheating on his mate. 

Is it a wife’s fault if her husband has an extramarital affair?  Is a man’s infidelity linked to something that his wife or girlfriend did or didn’t do?  This article shed light on this age old question.  For additional information on this topic, see the article entitled  Tiger Woods’ Mistress Blames Elin – Are Wives to Blame When Husbands Cheat?

Once you have a better understanding of some of the reasons why your husband or boyfriend might have cheated on you, check the list of articles and resources below for practical help in dealing with his affair.
Essential Articles to Help You Deal with His Affair     

The articles in the list below contain practical, immediately-usable advice from a nationally-recognized infidelity expert, which can help you deal with your man’s affair.  These article cover several aspects of  dealing with infidelity.

More articles with helpful infidelity advice from an infidelity expert on dealing with infidelity can be found at  www.NationalInfidelity.com.  

How to Get a Cheater to Tell You the Truth about His Affair

9 Reasons a Cheater Will Lie About His Affair

40 Fatal Signs That You’re about to Be Dumped

17 Subtle Signs That Your Marriage or Relationship is About to End

7 Ways to Catch Your Cheating Husband Off Guard by Making a Preemptive Strike

If He’s Cheating, Take a Firm Stand

Should You Take a Cheater Back? – How to Decide

When to Give Cheater a Second Chance

Rebuilding Your Marriage After He's Cheated on You - 12 Mistakes to Avoid


What you Need to Know About Your Husband’s Mistress and Why

Suing the Mistress Can Sometimes be a Good Strategic Move

How to Sue Your Husband’s Mistress – Basic Things You Need to Know    

Which States Allow a Wife To Sue a Husband’s Mistress and What Does This Involve?


Is He Cheating on You? - 829 Telltale Signs   (soft cover book)

Is He Cheating on You? – 829 Telltale Signs   (e-book version with Affair Recovery information)

The Best Investment You Can Make in Your Relationship for 2012


Reverse Phone Search
Reverse E-mail Address Search
Online Background Checks

For more articles with practical, immediately-usable advice on dealing with various issues of infidelity ranging from discovery to recovery, subscribe to my National Infidelity column, or visit www.NationalInfidelity.com.

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Ruth Houston is a New York-based, internationally-recognized infidelity expert who is frequently called on by the media to comment on celebrity infidelity and popular infidelity issues in the news.  Houston is the founder of www.InfidelityAdvice.com  and the author of the popular infidelity reference book, Is He Cheating on You?- 829 Telltale Signs. To schedule an interview with infidelity expert Ruth Houston, call 718 592-6039 or e-mail InfidelityExpert@gmail.com

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