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Raising Kids with Confidence!!!
Thomas and Bonnie Liotta -- The Parent Helpers Thomas and Bonnie Liotta -- The Parent Helpers
Seattle , WA
Thursday, August 08, 2013

"Get to Bed!"
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RAISING KIDS is a hot subject and with good reason. Like it or not, consistent common parenting mistakes are causing our kids to act out!!! When parents demand their child complies, while dictating (even nicely) exactly what the child will do, the confidence and ability for the child to think for themselves or become solution oriented as an adult will not develop. I mean, at what age does the child just automatically go "Okay, I know how to take responsibility for my actions now."?

This article by Bongato, Jane "Common Discipline Mistakes Parents make in Disciplining Their Children", Consistent Parenting Advice, August 2013, is great and we agree with almost all of it. However, the solutions are dictational or discipline oriented, like "...if they don't want to be disciplined again: don't color on the walls." Or "But if you want to discipline your child effectively, you should impose consequences to their wrong behaviors."

It is a known Universal Law that like attracts or creates like. As a parent RAISING KIDS what I like is happy, successful and grateful children, who comply with self-discipline. When you think of the term dictational, do you feel positive or negative? When you think of the term consequential, do you feel positive or negative? Right!Negative! How do you end up with positive results when the techniques you use to RAISE KIDS are negative, emotionally? Right! You can't! So how can we raise confident, positive and self-assured children, teenagers and adults?

If you RAISE KIDS you MUST learn the art of guiding a child's behavior with love vs. outdated, punishment techniques, which work only short term at best. We need leaders, don't we? Who is going to be the next leaders for our schools, churches and governments? Who is going to be the leader and head of households? When do you believe would be the best time to learn how to guide children's behavior vs. punishment?

In Chapter 3 of our new parenting book, A Simple Way to Guide Children and Teenagers to Happiness, Success & Gratitude, we teach you how to RAISE KIDS in a winning environment so you can put an end to power struggles forever. Don't learn how to settle temper tantrums, learn how to prevent them! Quoted from Chapter 3, page 1 "I know, as a parent, you have a heart that hurts every time your child yells, "I hate you!" or when the school calls and says that your child has been bullied again, or when your teenage daughter is pregnant. Other scenarios may include stressful mornings, sibling rivalry and children who are lazing around the house while you do everything. How does this happen? I know you are a great parent, a wonderful parent, an outstanding parent, so how do our children end up acting out, talking back and sometimes even becoming depressed?

When you complete this chapter, you will be able to create a mindset and an Environment at home that will produce beautiful results with your child or teenager every single day. As well as creating more peace in your life, you will witness improved self-image, behavior and an overall positive shift in your child's attitude by making a few simple adjustments in the present Environment." Yes, It really is that simple to RAISE KIDS who are confident, happy, compliant and beyond, Guaranteed!!!

Bonnie has an extensive background in personal development. She has been recognized as a leader in business, being featured in two National Magazines, Success Magazine and Your Business at home. She has worked with tens of thousands of individuals through Inspirational Speaking, Coaching and Leadership.

Thomas has spent his entire life working with and coaching children. He began coaching little league at the age of 17 and by 1994 he was running and operating his own Martial Arts School. He made a decision early on to always work with kids in a positive manner, meaning never saying no to a child and it worked!!! He has developed a philosophy for guiding their behavior by teaching children to earn things.

These two have strategically come together to create the most up-to-date and innovative parenting philosophy on the planet!!! The Creating Champions for Life philosophy has already helped thousands of families discover true happiness, peace and loving relationships with one another. Find out all you can about this amazing philosophy! 

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