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Radio Host Brings Targeted Podcasting to New Level: Dr. Tammi B’s Shows Cleaned and Broken Down into Info-Spirational Nuggets
Dr. Tammi B. Dr. Tammi B.
Los Angeles , CA
Saturday, March 26, 2016

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Archiving of full radio shows is common practice across the broadcast industry, whether it is terrestrial radio stations or online outlets.  Most of the time the shows are put up in one hour chunks, minus the commercials, for consumers to download or to listen to on the station website or a mobile application.  But in our super-busy world it can help know the specific topics within the scope of an interview that allows one to mine that portion of the show and, with a quick glance, see all the issues discussed during that particular show.

Well, Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D., Relationship Expert, Prosperity Coach and author of Manifesting Love From the Inside Out and Manifesting Prosperity From the Inside Out, is in the midst of doing just that with the archives from her Journey to Center Radio Show.  More than five years of shows and a slate of ongoing guests provides a rich source of material for her editor to dive into and unlock the magic of those amazing interactions. 

At this point in the process, which started early this year, about 200 targeted radio show podcasts have been crafted from thirty different guests such as Dr. Bernie Siegel, Jake Ducey, John Gray, Mark Nepo, Dr. Len Saputo, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. Eben Alexander, Rebecca Rosen, Polly Campbell and more.  Each episode is put through a process of cleaning out all the imperfections and then, along the way when the subject changes, separated, titled, uploaded to the Dr. Tammi B. Sound Cloud Channel, https://SoundCloud.com/Tammiphd, organized into Playlists and put through various social media outlets.  In the near term each playlist will be available on her website at http://www.TammiBphd.com.

It has proven worthwhile as the podcasts showcase not only her guests but reflects Dr. Tammi B.'s work over the years bringing messages of hope and useful information to people around the world.  Below are ten one-minute podcasts gleaned from the opening of the show, something that was planned for but came through the creative process of editing 

Why Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D. Does What She Does, Testament to Bringing Happiness, Success & Light

What Is Purpose of Dr. Tammi B's Journey to Center Radio Show, Conduit to Truths of the World

Dr. Tammi B.: Walls Around Heart Useless, Locks in Pain, Grateful for Pain & Lives with Open Heart

Dr. Tammi says We Are Spiritual Beings Having Human Experience, Find Joy & Love in Mystery of Life

Body, Mind, Spirit Connection Needs to be Cultivated & Cared for, We Don't Till Tragedy Hits

Dr. Tammi B. on Making Friends with Subconscious & Tapping into Healing Power & Wisdom Within

Shedding Desire for Everyone to Love You, That is What Dr. Tammi B. Did & it Helped Change Her Life

Living Vibrant, Healthy & Purpose Filled Life Requires Courage, Out of Comfort Zone says Dr. Tammi B

If You Do or Don't Know What Your Dreams Are, You're In The Right Place says Dr. Tammi B.

Outer Reality Reflects Inner Reality, Reside Peacefully Within & Outer Will Shift in Powerful Way

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About Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D.:

Dr. Tammi Baliszewski holds two Ph.D's.  Her background and degrees are in the fields of psychology, spiritual psychology, hypnotherapy, Holistic Life Counseling, and Metaphysical Science. Dr. Tammi is a bestselling author and has written two critically acclaimed books: Manifesting Love From the Inside Out and Manifesting Prosperity From the Inside Out. She is also the radio host of "Journey to Center" on Empower Radio where she features authors, teachers, healers, experts, and up-lifters from all over the world. 

She has enjoyed conscious conversations with Dr. Bernie Siegel, Harville Hendricks, Dr. John Gray, Gary Zukav, Dr. Eben Alexander, Mark Nepo, Julie Cameron, Polly Campbell, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Sonia Choquette and hundreds of other "modern day luminaries." Her intention is to give people tips, tools, information, techniques, knowledge, and wisdom so they can manifest more inspired, empowered and fulfilling lives.

For more info go to http://www.TammiBphd.com.




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