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RDAP Early Release for Federal Prisoners
Bruce Cameron -- Federal Prison Consultant Bruce Cameron -- Federal Prison Consultant
Dallas, TX
Thursday, April 27, 2017

Early Release from Federal Prison
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The Federal Bureau of Prisons has implemented early release procedures for successful completion in a Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) in Program Statement P5331.02 (Mar. 16, 2009).

This program applies to those inmates sentenced for a nonviolent offense with a diagnosed substance abuse disorder who successfully complete RDAP. The BOP interprets "successful completion" as (1) completion of the unit-based RDAP while in the institution, (2) if applicable, participation in follow-up treatment while in general population for 12 months or until release, whichever comes first, (3) completion of a community Transition Drug Abuse Treatment while residing in a Residential Reentry Center or on home confinement, and (4) comply with the Financial Responsibility Program.

Many inmates are interested in gaining admittance into the RDAP program. Only those that qualify will enter. A diagnosable substance use disorder needs to be present within a year or more prior to the arrest and/or the instant offense conduct.

Bruce Cameron has been retained by attorneys, defendants, and families to assist in the navigation of the RDAP application process. Bruce has successfully placed inmates into the program since his retirement in 2013.

A prison consulting firm like www.federalprisonauthority.com can assist in providing information about BOP programming and eligibility.

Retired Federal Bureau of Prisons staff Bruce Cameron is a Federal Prison Consultant, Mental Health and Addiction expert, who offers insights to media outlets regarding all things criminal, escapes, suicides, sentencing and any aspect regarding federal cases. On the web, Cameron is known as the Federal Prison Authority. He is an Associate Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Expert Member for the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Bruce is a licensed counselor and Executive Coach, providing a counseling and coaching to those in the criminal justice system.

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