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R. Kelly Performs For Fellow Inmates In Federal Prison
Ronnie (Bo) Martin Ronnie (Bo) Martin
Chicago , IL
Saturday, January 04, 2020



After reviewing an article on www.issuewire.com, listed under the headline "Framed By The D.E.A..," which discloses an encounter that R. Kelly had in federal prison with Ronnie Bo, author of THE HOLY TRAP SCRIPTURES, we searched both of their government names on www.bop.gov. Robert Kelly; inmate # 09627035 and Ronnie Martin; inmate # 16396089. As discovered, the two are indeed incarcerated together at MCC Chicago.

In the article, Ronnie Bo implied that he had a deep discussion with R. Kelly in prison which caused him to cry when he returned to his cell. Curiosity lead us to order a copy of THE HOLY TRAP SCRIPTURES and to send the author a letter inquiring about the details to his discussion with R. Kelly.

Surprising, we received an immediate response with some very interesting information regarding R. Kelly. Reportedly, Ronnie Bo is now writing the closing chapter of a new book based on a true story of R. Kelly entitled, "SURVIVING LIFETIME" which endeavors to show the other side to the stories told in the LIFETIME series, "SURVIVING R. KELLY". We were told that the world could expect the book to release this summer in June of 2020.

R. Kelly is housed on unit 19 at MCC Chicago while Ronnie Bo is housed on unit 15. However, two of them cross paths regularly. And every time they cross paths, Ronnie Bo encourages R. Kelly to sing. "I just seen R. Kelly the other day," said Ronnie Bo. "As soon as we made eye contact, out of all songs, he busted out singing (my body!..my body's telling me yes!) lyrics to BUMP AND GRIND".

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