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Querencia-Finding Strength in Promoting Books, Reading, Literacy, and Community as Writers pursuing Life Long Learning
Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters
Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday, February 9, 2021

We can practice learning every day by reading, drawing, and meaning making
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With tradeshow cancellations, some people go into their shells.  Others take the down time to start new projects and hone their skills.  Some negotiate their dream project and find getting accomodations to split daily focus pays off.  Whether Jane Marla Robbins, past IRWIN Award Winning poet, and her new Covid 19 lockdown poems or short you tube videos or Jon Baptist working with his employer and recording work on Soul, many cultural creatives have been hard at work to fill a content and distribution opportunity whether on contract or in preparation for having one.

In truth, in Black History Month, there are new projects emerging and several other backlist titles that are classics.  These show the pluck and planning of other invisible industry professionals making sure an author, poet, performer, or team of co-writers and editors are represented at their best. 

But where do these professionals build skills, prove their merit or apply new mediums, apps and portal skills? 

One place might be newly reorganized trade meetings now available with a reservation on Zoom or Skype.

One place you can pitch your product or your niche is the Southern California Book Publicists meeting coming up this week (www.bookpublicists.org/pages/IRWIN)!  One of the 2020 IRWIN award winners, Michael Bowker, author of GODS OF OUR TIME: A PARIS LOVE STORY, will present for the Valentines Day meeting. 

What better time than to think about Paris in Springtime or to learn about the International Novel of the Year from 2020 in your book campaign setting up sales this Summer for Christmas or the Fall?  Make friends you can network with and test out your ideas with, find a copywriter or pitch team member and build your DIY skills to apply in marketing, placement, passion, licensing.  Or...since Covid requires finding a place to find your power (Querencia) and build up muscles, resources, and tools to launch, recoup, and succeed through ongoing professional training and making friends or displaying your Spring catalogue or project...call Irwin Zucker or his minions and make a reservation for the event and join as a new or renewing member right now!

Developing a healthy book campaign, a healthy attitude, a healthy business will take a lifetime of learning.  Join, register, and celebrate as you learn new skills to use during 2021. Jane Marla Robbins wrote a play about Martin Luther King and you can see a reading on youtube in Black History Month.  You can take an idea and develop it to be an online learning course like Dr. Carlin.  Whether an Irwin Award winner who writes for children who will begin to write or you tell a historic tale in fiction or an imaginary quip that makes us laugh at ourselves, join the publicists and learn about taking a book to market and keeping it in mind to have a repeat printing or to create a healthy back catalog.  A February meeting on Zoom this week.  Consider joining and launching your own project this year.


Southern California Book Publicists 45th year of ongoing education, laughter, and collaboration in the independent book world.

Feb. 11, from 6 to 8 pm on Zoom

"How to Get the Media to Fall in Love With You!!!"

Key Speaker - Michael Bowker

author of Gods of Our Time: A Paris Love Story

A gala, fun-filled Valentine program - Taix French Restaurant (Wine Room);1911 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. See below to reserve your spot on Zoom.



Join, make a reservation and attend on February 11th:

The Southern California Book Publicists Valentines Day Meeting on Zoom:

Online Meeting

Thurs., 2/11/21

6 to 8 pm CA time

Events and meetings of Book Publicists of Southern California

Learn from others:

Past IRWIN Award Winners for book publicity campaigns (bookpublicists.org

Find a specialist or study another in the same genre or on new mediums:

Poems of Covid-19 - Stuck in Lockdown, the first three months and more... Jane Marla Robbins-


Website campaign:


Find out about Michael Bowker and his book adventure before you hear him speak:

Get a cover, be covered, cover yourself...but get the word out and enjoy the process as you go. Michael Bowker the speaker this week!


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