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Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners from ExtremePumpkins.com
Tom Nardone --  PriveCo -- World's Most Private Company Tom Nardone -- PriveCo -- World's Most Private Company
Detroit, MI
Tuesday, October 25, 2016

One of the 2016 Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners

Since 2001 ExtremePumpkins.com has been the ultimate destination for creative pumpkin carvings.  Each year the site releases a slew of pumpkin carving contest winners.  This year is no different.  24 designs have been inducted into the ExtremePumpkins.com winners' gallery. 

The designs at Extreme Pumpkins are so popular because most of them are easy to create.  These designs do not require the carving skills of Michelangelo, nor do they require a closet full of crafting gear.  Some of the best, silliest, craziest designs are made with household items. 

2016 is the 13th year for the pumpkin carving contest at Extreme Pumpkins.com, so there are now over 400 different designs on the site.  Visitors are free to copy any ideas, but in order to win the contest next year you will have to come up with something new.

ExtremePumpkins.com includes more than just pumpkin contest winners.  You'll find lots of advice on how to preserve pumpkins, how to light your jack-o-lantern and what tools work best. 

Not everything is contained in the written word though, the site has plenty of videos and photos as well.  You can see Tom and Conan O'Brien smashing pumpkins together or watch professional wrestlers query Tom about his carving techniques.  ExtremePumpkins.com is a fun, zany place to visit for Halloween. 

No pumpkin website would be complete without pumpkin patterns and Extreme Pumpkins has a wild set of them.  They are great patterns, well thought-out and easy to use.   Most Importantly, these patterns are free!  That's a great Halloween bargain. 

Running ExtremePumpkins.com is a fun hobby for Tom.  "I enjoy carving live in front of crowds of people and making TV appearances.  It's almost like being a celebrity or a rock star, just with pumpkins." He says.  If you would like to contribute to Tom Nardone's 15 seconds of fame, give him a call.  He would love to talk to you.   

Tom Nardone

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Name: Tom Nardone
Title: President
Group: PriveCo Inc.
Dateline: Troy, MI United States
Direct Phone: 248-457-6874
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