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Publicity Tips—Facebook’s 20 Changes Last Year
Joan Stewart -- Publicity Expert Joan Stewart -- Publicity Expert
Port Washington, WI
Tuesday, January 15, 2013


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Tips Of The Week -- Jan. 12, 2013

Issue #680

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1. Facebook's 20 Changes Last Year

2. If You Missed Danny Iny...

3. New Posts at My Blog

4. Hound Video of the Week

1. Facebook's 20 Changes Last Year

Someone at a breakfast meeting yesterday said he was amused by an infographic I shared last week on Facebook.

It says, "How to make money from Facebook: 1. Just go to Account Settings. 2. Press 'Deactivate your account.' 3. Go to work."

That's what some Publicity Hounds say they've done because of the constant changes on that site. If you're still using Facebook, especially for business, you might want to review the list of "20 Changes Facebook Made In 2012 That Impacted Marketers."

It's a handy reminder of some of the things you can do that you might have forgotten, like target specific content to specific audiences, use the Pinned Posts feature that lets you display a post prominently at the top of your Timeline for up to 7 days, the Facebook Gifts option, and the Milestones option that lets brands provide historical context to their Pages.

Most of the changes, not surprisingly, are new ideas Facebook introduced on how you can advertise.

At the end of the list, you can opt in for three free videos on Facebook strategy. I haven't seen them, but any additional Facebook training never hurts.

2. If You Missed Danny Iny...

If you weren't able to join Danny Iny and me for Thursday's webinar on "The Brutally Honest Truth About What It's REALLY Going to Take to Build a Thriving Audience and Business Online in 2013," you can catch the replay at two times today: 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Eastern.

Set aside about 90 minutes for this one. The short exercise he illustrates about how to set yourself apart from all your competitors is fabulous. And I got wonderful feedback from many of the several hundred Publicity Hounds who signed up for the call.

Watch the replay here.

It will not be available for download, so be sure to catch it today.

3. New Posts at My Blog

Why growing a big audience doesn't mean big publicity

Dog Tweets: How Internet radio can increase your site's traffic

4. Hound Video of the Week

Thanks to Publicity Hound Dan Poynter of Santa Barbara, Calif., for tipping us off to these hysterical dog cartoons by Mark Parisi. Don't jump ahead and look at all of them. I'll be including the links here periodically this year, so make it a surprise.

Dog Jokes & Quotes Ebook: 170+ G-rated dog jokes and quotes, perfect for a dog-lover, your favorite vet, or just for a few good laughs:


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