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Prison Consulting: It’s Not Just For The Elite
Daniel Wise --  Federal Prison Time Consulting, LLC Daniel Wise -- Federal Prison Time Consulting, LLC
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Spokane , WA
Thursday, March 28, 2019


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The Washington Post recently published an article spotlighting a “white collar” Federal Prison Consultant. In the interview, said consultant discusses the needs of wealthy individuals facing possible incarceration and suggests the accused need tailored advice for offenders of their prestigious economic status. The article portrayed prison consulting as an exclusive service, reserved for the select upper-class who happen to be facing prison time. Federal Prison Consultant, Dan Wise disagrees, he said, “All first Time nonviolent offenders, regardless of whether or not they are white collar or drug offenders, deserve the same assistance to prepare for a possible federal prison sentence. Federal prison consultants are not exclusively for the wealthy. Prisons are not segregated by economic class, everyone is going to the same type of prison. The indicted deserve assistance to prepare for their federal prison sentence, I am glad they have reached out for consultation, but the media should be clear that there are consultants willing to help people across the breadth of socio-economic statuses.” Wise continued, “No one understands the fear of prison like someone who has faced it. Most prison consultants know this, as do I. I was looking at 20+ years if I had gone to trial. I felt as if my life was over and even contemplated suicide, the fear is unimaginable.” The Washington Post interviewed a federal prison consultant in regards to disgraced upper-class citizens caught in a recent college admissions scandal. Fifty people, including Hollywood actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, were indicted by the FBI and the U.S. attorney's office in Boston. Prosecutors said the fraud involved millions of dollars in bribes paid to athletic coaches and others. The prison consultant does not disclose who has, of the fifty indicted, retained him. Dan Wise stated, “My team delivers as much value within the scope of work offered as any other prison consultant.” Dan continued, “I was sentenced to 42 months in federal prison, I applied the same skill set that I now teach my clients and ended up serving 13 out of 42 months. I utilized all programs offered by the BOP, including but not limited to, RDAP, a program that reduced my sentence by 12 months. I also qualified for The Second Chance Act, which allowed me to serve my final 11 months in a federal half-way house/home confinement.” Wise focused on what could be done rather than dwell on his mistakes, he attributes this to mindset coaching and his desire to succeed. Once released, Wise turned his focus to helping those in his previous situation. He started, what is now, the largest prison consulting channel on YouTube as well as Federal Prison Time Consulting, LLC.  Wise serves all those facing federal prison, not just the wealthy. He believes individuals should take accountability early on, before sentencing. “Owning up to crimes committed early on has a huge impact when it comes time for sentencing,” Wise said. Federal Prison Time Consulting, LLC has an average fee of five-thousand dollars and believes there is no reason to charge more. Wise stated, “When I was going through my experience of pretrial I reached out to several prison consultants, asking for guidance, but as soon as they realized I did not have 10 k or more to give them the call was ended abruptly.” Dan’s mission is to make sure no one must face prison alone, he wants the accused to know that there are people out there willing to help that do not discriminate. His client base is predominantly first time, nonviolent offenders facing federal prison time. Dan said “People helping people, community as method, one day at a time. That is our motto.”
RDAP DAN - Federal Prison Time Consulting, LLC
Spokane, WA
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