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Pricing issues and Customer Service
Nancy Friedman -- Telephone Doctor Nancy Friedman -- Telephone Doctor
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: St. Louis , MO
Monday, April 29, 2019


Hello friends I wanted to share my shopping experience at -REDACTED- (Olive and Mason Rd). In the past few years, I have noticed on several shopping trips, how the prices of commodities advertised on the shelves are different, as compared to what I get charged at checkout counter. Every time this happens, the manager verifies the prices which gets adjusted at checkout, but the price on the shelf remains uncorrected. They normally apologize once out of 3 times. But after what happened with me on April 19, I feel that it’s high time I share this with the community because I am pretty sure that this is happening to other customers who are not realizing that this is a pattern, and not just a one-time occurrence. On April 19, I went to -REDACTED- to buy fried chicken at the Deli counter at around 3pm. There was very little traffic in the store. As I waited patiently at the counter, the employee saw me but she totally ignored me and kept chatting with another lady. The other lady noticed me and very politely asked me to go ahead and place my order, since she was just chatting, she said. The employee seemed upset that I had arrived and disturbed her “chat”. She started behaving rudely, as I started to place my order. I politely asked her if I could have 10 drumsticks. She immediately barked at me, “NO! I don’t have 10 at this time”. I asked her if I could have the few that were on the tray. She snapped again, “No, you can’t have all of them!” I asked her if I could at least have a few. She said she’ll see what she can do. At this point, I was feeling humiliated that I was having to plead with her to give me a few chicken pieces. I was not asking anything for free! Anyway, with quite an attitude she finally packed a medium-sized box and gave to me. It would have fallen to ground, if I hadn’t caught it on time. This is not the end of the story. When I came home and opened the sealed box, I realized that she had given me 8 pieces but charged me for 13. I called the manager and reported the matter and gave my transaction ID (on the receipt) to help with his investigation. I also requested him to look at the store camera to verify the sequence of events. The manager took my address and promised to send me a -REDACTED- shopping card with the price difference in the next couple days. It’s been about 9 days but the shopping card hasn’t arrived. Good customer service is more important to me than a shopping card and -REDACTED- has consistently failed over and over again in this area! I would much rather go to the other nearby stores, where they value me as a customer, even if I end up paying a few extra dollars!

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