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Presenting THE FLORAL HAND OF GOD by Dr. Brent W. Davis
Dr. Brent Davis -- FlorAlive UNCUT Flower Essences Dr. Brent Davis -- FlorAlive UNCUT Flower Essences
Nashville, TN
Thursday, January 24, 2019

Floral Hand of God

Presenting THE FLORAL HAND OF GOD by Dr. Brent W. Davis

FlorAlive is now offering Dr. Brent Davis's landmark book, THE FLORAL HAND OF GOD, Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed for the very special price of $29.95 per single copy.


Buy ten copies for the astounding price of $149.75, a savings of 50%!


Shipping is always free (USA only.)

Dr. Davis's groundbreaking work in the field of uncut flower essences makes it a must read for anyone interested in self-healing and in hastening the awakening of the planet.  Never before in the history of humankind has this information been more needed by every sentient being.  That is why Dr. Davis is making it easy to share this knowledge now with you and your friends.  Buy bulk at this incredible price and gift it to those you love.  They will thank you.  Help spread the word!

THE FLORAL HAND OF GOD is three books in one.

Part One tells of Dr. Davis's experiences in his ongoing quest to bring the power of uncut flowers to you, helping mankind realize its individual and collective potential.

Part Two presents the scientific discoveries revealing the ways in which floral essences work to penetrate the mind/body/spirit to improve and enrich our lives.

Part Three shows the ways our minds can trick us into old behavioral paradigms that keep us from realizing our dreams.  It then goes on to tell us how to remove these core beliefs now!

To read more, go to https://www.floralive.com/about-us/floral-hand-god-book/  Don't delay.  Get your copy, (and extra copies for your friends and loved ones) today!

This may be the most important book you'll ever own.

FlorAlive® remedies are prepared from UNCUT flowers and hence contain all the plant’s healing frequencies in an optimally coherent state. Other flower essences are prepared from cut flowers. Dr. Davis’s method is patented worldwide. FlorAlive flower remedies are created from uncut flowers.

In addition to being a licensed chiropractor in California and Tennessee, Dr. Davis has post-graduate training in classical homeopathy and applied kinesiology, as well as solid core training in numerous other natural diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. When he is not treating patients or traveling on “floral adventures,” he lives on his organic herb farm in the center of the FlorAlive® Forest, 75 miles outside of Nashville.

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