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Play, Fun, Swimming & Church Included in Over 100 Videos on Princess Red & Mickey You Tube Channel from E.B. GO Vision Media
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Marina Del Rey , CA
Monday, January 21, 2019

Princess Red & Mickey

Mining the video and photo archives to create a video library of the early years of Princess Red & Mickey allowed for a large amount of creativity in creating story lines, and the use of various types of EDM, Pop and Epic Music enhanced the story lines of them growing up. Their father had cameras on hand at all times and documented their daily walks around the neighborhood, to The Grove Mall, playing, having fun, walking the dogs, swimming, being Baptized and more.

The first batch of 50 videos were scrapped in favor of different genres of music and expanded story lines, combining all types of approaches depending on the music chosen for a particular video. For example, during a lunch of with Mickey the GoPro camera was placed on the table and left to document what became a rather amusing lunch, or when getting ready for a bath Mickey decided to march around throwing plastic balls downstairs, checking the water and moving about knowing the camera was following him about.

And the family trip to Moorea, Tahiti, when Princess Red was four and Mickey was two, yielded a number of terrific adventures amongst the beauty of the island.

Below is the new video and some other examples from the Princess Red & Mickey Show You Tube Channel.

Tahitian Beach Fun for Princess Red & Mickey to Falling Away by Seven Lions & Feel Good w/ Daya

Holy Land Pilgrimage Set to March of the Templars & the song Wings of Liberty by Kkev Music

Virgin Mary & Princess Red to Ave Maria by Charlotte Church with Photo Show of Old City, Jerusalem

Princess Red Compilation of Video & Pictures Set to Song Someone Like You by The Summer Set

Tribute to God to Russian Choir & Song Heart of Courage with Video from Russian Church & Holy Land

Easter Praying at Russian Orthodox Church with Lots of Candles, Icon Stations & Praying

Princess Red & Mickey at Russian Church to Lord Have Mercy by Zhana Bichevskya in Russian

Life Undenied, Princess Red in Womb, Birth, Finds Love, Baptized to Remember Me by Ether featuring Progley

New Life Bursts Out, Mickey's Beginnings in Womb, Day 1, Baptism & at One to "Lumina" by Kkev Music

Princess Red & Mickey Play Football, Swim, Bike & Have Fun While Going to the Sun

A Small Piece of Mickey & Princess Red Around Town, Swimming & Wrestling to Epic Music

A Walking Love Letter to Princess Red & Mickey from Dad to Songs by Vicetone & Illenium

Princess Red & Mickey Having Fun on a Hot Day to Audiomachine's Epic Music Song City of Hope

2 Year Old Princess Red's Pink Balloon Adventure Set to Songs by Mitis with Adara & Illenim with Max

1 Year Old Princess Red Hits Amer. Girl Store to Illenium's Reverie & Seven Lions' Without My Love

2 Year Old Mickey Pulls Farmer's Mkt. Cart & 4-Year Old Princess Red Dances to Mitis & Vicetone

1 Year Old Mickey Causes Bath Time Trouble to Force for Truth by Nowak & No Way Out by Vicetone

Princess Red Beautiful Slide Show w/Mom & Dogs to "Spirals" by Sound Remedy & Illenium ft. King Deco

1 Day Old Mickey Gets 1st Visit from Big Sis & She Wants "Her Baby" to "Night Sky" by Rameses B.

1.5 Year Old Mickey Checks Driveway to "Saving Light" by Gareth Emery w/ Haliene and Vicetone

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