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Pandemics, EMP, Solar Flares … Too Much for Government Alone
Don Trumbull --   SAFE STATE Project. Don Trumbull -- SAFE STATE Project.
Sandpoint, ID
Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Our expert guest, Don Trumbull, is a former air carrier owner who specializes in supply chain disasters, both natural and man-made, and he's founded the Safe State Project to promote a survivable solution to America's elevating grid-down threats.

Clearly, our federal and state governments are near the edge with Covid-19, and anything worse would require a backup supply chain and catastrophic civilian defense at the state level. While some states may reject this catastrophic defense, others may not. A half-defended America may be enough to save us all.


If we're close to catastrophic failure with COVID-19, doesn't this identify a catastrophic gap in America's ability to survive the future? Biowarfare? EMP? Cyber Warfare? Solar Flare?

  1. If our grids and supply chains suddenly go down, and if our state and federal government can't rescue 300 million people, what happens to life, liberty, and freedom? How many people suffer and die?
  2. Can state governments and the private sector work together in defending the people from a sudden loss of our basic infrastructures? Food, water, medical supplies? Communication? Transportation? Law and Order?
  3. Does the SAFE STATE concept restore civil defense as a "check and balance" — or is it a catastrophic defense for modern-day survival?
  4. Would the more progressive states reject the concept that the general populace needs to be well-organized and well-armed for backup survival? Rescue force? Workforce? Law and Order?
  5. The SAFE STATE Project was launched 2 months before the covid-19 pandemic. Is the timing right, and can it work when our state and federal governments are so divided?
  6. Can the need for a catastrophic defense bring opposing political factions together to defend life, liberty, and freedom?
  7. If not, can the conservative states serve as a united force for all?


DON TRUMBULL is an author and a former air carrier president and director of operations. Following a ten-year mission exploring the vulnerability of our U.S. air carriers/supply chains to the catastrophic threat of solar flare/electromagnetic pulse, in 2019 his broader findings inspired a civilian countermeasure system called the SAFE STATE Project. An achievable on-site defense for individuals, communities, and states, the SAFE STATE countermeasure is a low-cost/high-confidence solution to surviving catastrophic events that can destroy America.

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