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PR Creative Services by Kaitlin Martinez-Hall
Kaitlin Martinez-Hall Kaitlin Martinez-Hall
Brea, CA
Friday, June 12, 2020

PR Creative Services by Kaitlin Martinez-Hall

PR Creative Services by Kaitlin Martinez-Hall.  

Hi:  My name is Kaitlin Martinez-Hall.

I'm a Public Relations Junior Partner at Broadcast Interview Source, Inc., Washington, DC.  Founded in 1984.

To get started, may I distribute a news release for you? Simply reply with a release and I'll push it out via our News Release Wire system, at no charge.

For further questions, please call me at (714) 584-8246, or email kaitlinmartinez8@gmail.com. You can also call the office at (202) 333-5000 if you need help right away  (or you can use the (202) 333-5000 number and I can help them, or take a message for  you to call them). 

I will soon have a Masters in Communications from California State University, Fullerton.

As a PR Exec there two ways I can help you and your firm:

1)      I would be pleased to work directly for your firm as a contractor when you have projects.

2)      Our firm offers many free and paid public relations services that I can help you utilize.

My Communications Skills:

  1. Social media content ($50/hour): Create 2-3 sentence attention-grabbing captions (or longer if desired by client) and research applicable visual assets, links and hashtags based on the industry, time of year, cultural holidays and current events. Posts will be edited for brevity and to accommodate different social media platforms.

  2. Press ($75): Create press releases, press posts and clippings

  3. Canva ($50): Use graphic design skills to create promotional materials for clients' events and infographics

  4. News, Features, Reviews ($100): Write insightful, concise long-form content for client and their industry

  5. Social Media Management ($50/hour): Post to and monitor client's social media account

  6. Synthesize complex information: Summarize and combine data, jargon and technical information into concise consumer-friendly posts and infographics

Our firms' services:

1.     ExpertClick press room:  Set up instantly free on a 10-day trial. This includes sending unlimited news releases:  $59 a up, 15% agency discount.

2.      ExpertClick Master account: 12 client seats at 50% off.  Called a "Hot Site" by USA Today.  You can set this up as soon as the client joins, or create the press room as part of your client pitch.

3.      ExpertBook Yearbook of Experts: Authorities & Spokespersons – called "Dial-an-Expert" by The New York Times.   Inclusion starts at $79 a month, or $780 annual.

4.      NewsTip.com: Send a news releases free. You get our full push and ExpertClick press room for 10 days free. Then you can choose to either:  a) Start a subscription and continue to use the press room, or b) Just let the news release stand by and forfeit press room access. 

5.      ExpertRadio.com:  We'll book your client on an iHeart radio talk show. We will work with the host on questions that will make your client look and sound good.  We'll post the audio at and provide you with a SoundCloud audio embed you can share anywhere.-- $375..

6.      Writing News Releases:  $75, includes sending a news release to our system. Can also offer writing from my senior partner at $100. Costs include drafts for your changes and corrections, and re-write if needed to be accepted by PRNewswire for transmission. 

7.      Electronic Press Kit: 3 to 5 pages, PDF format with hotlinks -- includes our creative -- $175

8.      Email Opt-In Form: Capture news release viewers' information, includes set-up of email account for your news releases -- $275 

9.     PR Newswire: Full distribution of releases via PR Newswire, writing not included. -- $495 for 800 words

10.    Produce Radio Show Video: use edited radio show segments from iHeart Interview or Client Archives: $200 Per Segment

11.    Syndicated Editorial Placement: guaranteed 2,400 placements from www.NEWSUSA.com  -- Includes a custom editorial story about you, and placement of it on thousands of websites. Cost on request.

12.   Set-up a Social Media Account: Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with first 10 posts -- $250.

13.   Social Media Management: add posts and promote social media accounts -- $75 an hour.



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