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Dateline: Santa Fe , NM
Monday, December 17, 2018


Blog55ADuring this time of year, peace becomes a central theme—whether at church, within families, or among other gatherings of people. Peace is in the air! Such is the case for the New Mexico Gay Men’s Chorus, directed by Aaron Howe. The Journal North newspaper recently reported that Howe wants to create a space where people can “acknowledge each other’s humanity." despite their differences. He believes that, above all, peace means “looking out for the well-being of everyone.." I feel that this is such an important message, especially during this particularly divisive time. 

Furthermore, Howe states, “When we ask for peace on Earth, we’re not just asking Republicans and Democrats to stop fighting, but acknowledging around the world that people need help and they need security.." For the second year, the Gay Men’s Chorus began its holiday shows in the City Different (a nickname given to Santa Fe due to the diversity of people who live here). 

Even though the above takes place in New Mexico, the holiday season is being experienced all over. Those who don’t celebrate the birth of Jesus probably can’t help but be affected by the merriment of December—beautifully decorated Christmas trees, special food, family gatherings, and above all, the wish for PEACE as we are “looking out for the well-being of everyone.." 

Blog55BDear Reader, do you feel connected to the celebration of peace at this time of year? Holidays can also be quite emotionally triggering, for various reasons, and may cause some turbulence. How do you personally connect to peace during this busy season, or do you feel disconnected? Both perspectives are welcome in the comments below. 

Spending time with my family and writing this blog is my way of honoring this time of year. What's yours?  

Santa Fe, NM
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