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Open Letter to George Soros, Help Us Kill Industrial Fishing: Massive Trawlers Strip Ocean Wildlife to the Point of Disaster
Danny Quintana -- Oceans & Space Explorations, Environmentalism Danny Quintana -- Oceans & Space Explorations, Environmentalism
Salt Lake City , UT
Thursday, February 09, 2017
Open Letter to George Soros: Help Us Kill Industrial Fishing

Dear Mr. Soros:

The Global High Seas Marine Preserve, when established, will effectively ban industrial and commercial fishing in international waters and thus allow stocks of major marine predators and other species to return in numbers sufficient to permit "some" fishing. My name is Danny Quintana and I conceived of the idea of the GHSMP when writing my latest book, Space & Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex. During research for the book I realized how dire the situation of ocean wildlife had become in the last 50 years during a technological boom in the fishing industry and the sushi craze which is still in full swing throughout much of the world.

Tuna, sharks and whales are being hunted to extinction in international waters, where massive trawlers can roam free, and millions of tons of by-catch, or unwanted catch, is swept in process and discarded dead back into the oceans. By-catch includes all types of marine life such as turtles, dolphins and other endangered species. Our non-profit of the same name, Global High Seas Marine Preserve, is focused on the establishment of the preserve before species vital to ocean ecosystem health are wiped out completely. When that happens, it will affect the food sources and economic viability of billions around the world, cause massive economic disaster and, more than likely, armed conflicts of various sizes.

Industrial companies use various devices, bribery, to get access to the coastal waters of poor countries and run wild in international waters where enforcement and oversight is non-existent. Most consumers don't know the true facts and when they find they are often shocked into action; with your assistance, we can start a consumer revolution that will bankrupt the industrial fishing companies and allow fishing on the high seas to return to a more localized nature. Almost 100-million sharks are slaughtered annually for their fins, to make soup, and the magnificent Bluefin Tuna is on the verge of extinction.

Our campaign to target the 50 largest cities in the United States so that only seafood products from sustainable sources are sold within their jurisdictions will ripple through the fishing industry, force governments to rethink subsidies and force changes to save ocean wildlife.

For more info go to www.SavingOceans.org.


Danny Quintana




Brad Butler
E.B. GO Vision Media, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
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