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Online PR Services in Conjunction with Expert Click Available from E.B. GO Vision Media
Brad Butler --Public Relations Professional Brad Butler --Public Relations Professional
Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Online PR Services in Conjunction with Expert Click Available from E.B. GO Vision Media

Brad Butler began his PR career after his first book, A World Flight Over Russia, was published by Wind Canyon Books. Starting out promoting authors and experts, he transitioned into corporate PR and represented two of the finest travel tour companies in the tourism business, AmaWaterways (River Cruising) and Brendan Vacations (Escorted & Independent Travel). Along the way he became proficient at writing Internet News Releases, audio and video editing, building websites and employing the Expert Click News Release Wire system during online PR campaigns.

Using the Expert Click system, Butler secured a feature article in the International Herald Tribune, the global New York Times publication, for AmaWaterways. The release, about the launch of a new AmaWaterays' river cruise vessel on the Mekong River, was picked up by a British ex-pat Simon Marks, who was living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia while working a free-lance writer. Marks contacted Butler and ended up on board the new ship to meet all the company directors and then produced a terrific piece on the AmaWaterways, river cruising on the Mekong and tourism in Southeast Asia.

Recently he has been working with various Expert Click clients booking them on radio shows, taking the audio file and editing subject based radio show podcasts. The podcasts are then uploaded to the Expert Click Radio Sound Cloud Channel and the embed codes are then used in news releases generated through the Expert Click system. Then the final step, should the client choose to take it, is editing the radio show podcasts into Radio Show Videos for You Tube, social media, websites and, of course, in Expert Click Internet News Releases.  

He has also just completed the first promotional video for Scott Lorenz's Westwind Communications, which can be seen below. Butler was contracted to take a 24-minute TV interview, isolate certain portions and edit them into brief informative videos about various aspects of what the company offers. Also just finished are four radio show podcasts for Barbara Hemphill, author of Less Clutter More Life and founder of the Productive Enterprise Institute.  

For more info contact Mitch Davis at 202-333-5000.

Here is the first of the Westwind Communications video, a Radio Show Video for AmaWaterways and four edited radio show podcasts featuring Barbara Hemphill. Below those two examples of Hemphill podcasts used in Expert Click News Releases: 


E.B. GO Vision Media Edited Video of Scott Lorenz,

Pres. of Westwind Comm., Interviewed on his PR biz

E.B. GO-AmaWaterways Edited Radio Show Video of

Gary Murphy with Paul Lasley & Liz Harryman, On Travel Radio 

Free Webinar Quarantine Quickstart from Barbara Hemphill to Achieve Short & Long Term Goals

Get Organized During D-Virus Crisis, Barbara Hemphill on James Lowe Radio on Taking Stock Now

Barbara Hemphill in Emotions, Like Fear, Preventing Us From Delayed Organization Projects

Barbara Hemphill Successful Example of Emotional Blocks to Organizing Life & Business

Examples of Podcasts Used in Expert Click News Releases:

Remove Stress of C-Crisis with Viable Organization Projects: Positive Work Distracts & Creates Emotional Boost to Stay Course


Free Webinar Quarantine Quickstart for Organizing Game Plan: Barbara Hemphill Offers Post-Crisis Guide for Success & Happiness


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