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O’Brien’s Law: A Romantic Thriller Reviewed By Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com
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Thursday, February 23, 2023



Publisher:Hubbard House


JohnMcNellis’s debut work of fiction, O’Brien’s Law: ARomantic Thriller, is set in San Francisco and opens when awealthy older man, Malcolm Knox, is found dead in the bathtub in hispenthouse hotel room. The room was full of valuable art, antiques,and a safe with tons of bearer bonds and stock certificates.Suspicion arises about whether it was an accident or if someone wasafter Knox’s fortune.

Knoxwas a tricky fellow. No one trusted him, and the feeling wasreciprocal. Did he accidentally fall into the shower and drown? Afterall, someone was about to receive quite a fortune.

Thestory takes a different turn as we discover information about theesteemed legal practice of Drummond, Upton, and Isherwood.

Thefirm’s partners are considering the overbilling of Malcolm Knox’snephew, John Malcolm Knox. John is the trustee for his two sons, whoare the beneficiaries of their grand-uncle’s estate. He had engagedthe Drummond law firm to go after a crooked attorney, Edward (Teddy)Fitzgerald, whom he believes swindled his uncle’s estate to thetune of fifty million dollars in bearer bonds and stock certificates,all in street name.

Fitzgeraldhas been appointed as the executor of Malcolm’s estate, but hisreputation is far from admirable. Forexample, to gain admission to law school, he paid his brilliantroommate to take the Law School Admission Test. The roommate passedwith flying colors. And within the legal community, judges and fellowattorneys despised his rowdy courtroom antics.

JohnMalcolm threatened to report the Drummond law firm to the State Barfor overbilling him for over a year. He believed they did nothing forhim. The firm provides him with a year’s worth of free associatetime to appease him. Withagreement from his partners, the firm's star litigator John Buckley,a Yale Law School graduate, designated Michael O'Brien, a first-yearlaw graduate, to take on his case

Theyare fully aware of O’Brien’s inexperience, and requesting him totake care of their difficult client was not precisely a bonus. Thoughthis did not prevent them from “selling him into servitude.” Asfor John Malcolm, he was content with their offer.

O’Brienis a resilient individual who hails from Boston. His childhood wasmarked by constant battles to defend his late father’s reputation,causing him to develop a quick temper and proficiency in boxing. Hisexplosive anger often lands him in trouble, as exemplified by arecent lawsuit resulting from a bar altercation. 

Despitehis limitations in legal matters, he acknowledges them and struggleswith self-doubt. He suspects that one of the senior partners at hislaw firm bears ill will towards him, leading to his assignment to theKnox case as a deliberate act.

JohnMalcolm is well aware of O’Brien’s weaknesses and resolves tooversee and ride him hard. O’Brien could not have expected thechallenges he would face or the difficulties he would have to endurewhile dealing with John Malcolm.

Ontop of O’Brien’s tumultuous professional life, his romantic lifeis also a roller coaster ride. His girlfriend Roxanne has broken upwith him, but he quickly develops feelings for Mary Beth Eliot, anattractive woman who owns multiple restaurants and a house. DespiteO’Brien’s infatuation, Mary Beth is hesitant and keeps theirrelationship at a distance. To complicate matters further, she has acharming boyfriend whom she rarely sees, yet still harbors strongfeelings for him.

Asthe legal proceedings continue, Fitzgerald drops a bombshell aboutJohn Malcolm’s sons, creating more questions about the truth behindtheir inheritance. This revelation comes as quite a jolt to O’Brien,who is uncertain of the truthfulness of Fitzgerald’s claim.

McNellishas effectively created a protagonist who is not merely captivatingbut also multi-dimensional and relatable. With a proper harmony oftension and playfulness, the story keeps the reader engaged fromkickoff to the end. And McNellis loses no time in organizing thetale, deftly scattering breadcrumbs along the way, and leaving uswith many unanswered questions.

Throughout the narrative, McNellismasterfully places us in the scenes, immersing us in the world he hasshaped and making us experience first-hand the characters’emotions. From the tense moments of ambiguity to the heartfeltinstances of connection, every moment seems convincing and sincere.

Insummary, McNellis has crafted an engaging work of fiction, with awell-constructed protagonist, a perfect combination of suspense andhumor, and an immersive plot that sustains the reader’s interest.

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