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New iPhone App Helps People with Food Sensitivities
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Kalamazo, MI
Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rotation Diet Assistant compliments: DASH, TLC, Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, Biggest Loser, Ornish, Weight Watchers & Jenny Craig
Millions of Americans have food sensitivities and must restrict their diet to certain types of foods eaten on a particular timetable. Managing their menu required sticking to a rotation diet and keeping copious notes and serious planning, until now.

The Rotation Diet Assistant iPhone app is an easy-to-use yet highly effective app developed by gluten-free and rotation diet expert and health coach Vicky Mitchell. The app is now available on iTunes at this link: https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=768827319&mt=8

"This powerful tool now makes it possible for users to concentrate all their energy into living instead of on their diets," says Mitchell. "This App makes it easy to follow the Rotation Diet which is a system of eating biologically related foods on the same day and then waiting four or five days before eating these same foods again."

The Rotation Diet has been around for a while but dieters found it hard to track and maintain their related food group rotations. Now tracking is easy and intuitive with The Rotation Diet Assistant because it is:

• Easy to organize your meals. Step by step, The Rotation Diet Assistant effortlessly walks you through organizing and planning your personalized rotation diet.

• User friendly. Food groups and food families are identified FOR you.

• Easy to modify. Changing and/or adding foods to your personalized meal plan is easy to do with The Rotation Diet Assistant.

• Planner-Friendly! Whether it is today, next week or next month, using the Rotation Diet Assistant makes knowing what you are scheduled to eat a snap.

• Portable. If you have your phone, you have your Rotation Diet Assistant and your personalized meal plan with you wherever you go.

For those already on a diet, The Rotation Diet Assistant helps you achieve your goals because it compliments nearly all diets including: DASH, TLC, Mediterranean, Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, Biggest Loser, Ornish, Vegan, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.

Mitchell developed The Rotation Diet Assistant because she is passionate about health and healthy eating. She has been gluten-free for more than a decade and by consistently following the Rotation Diet is releasing candida, eczema and other allergies from her system.

About Rotation Diet Assistant

The all new Rotation Diet Assistant iPhone App makes developing and managing your personalized Rotation Diet easy enough that it can now be followed faithfully. Developer Vicky Mitchell's goal was to provide a superior and easy-to-use technological aid to those who rely on rotation diets. The methods Mitchell used to help and heal her family and herself have been applied in developing this App so that the methods are now available to benefit others. http://www.RotationDietAssistant.com


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