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New Women’s Fiction Novel Focuses on Love, Life, & Family
Robin Jay Robin Jay
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Dateline: Las Vegas, NV
Sunday, April 18, 2021


Award-Winning Writer & Producer Robin Jay Announces New Women’s Fiction Novel

Award-winning filmmaker and author Robin Jay, who is also the President and Founder of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, has just completed her first Women’s Fiction novel, “Terminal Switch.” The book is set in Ohio and follows the life of Sunny Monroe.

Sunny Monroe’s life growing up in Ohio had been ideal right up until she was 17, when her father Walter passed away unexpectedly. Sunny and her brother Buddy helplessly watch their mother Shirley sit at home for more than a year, sliding deeper into depression. Sunny decides to rescue them all with plans for a family getaway, a drive down to the coast.

While there, Shirley meets Danny Gold, a successful, nomadic advertising salesman who craves having a family of his own. Their meeting is a glorious twist of fate and they immediately fall in love.

With Shirley well cared for, Sunny is able to focus on her new nursing career. One night in the ER, Sunny helps a patient who is brought in with life-threatening injuries. Air Force Captain John Sullivan and three other officers were riding in a sedan when they hit a jackknifed truck on the icy interstate. Sunny’s face is the last image John sees before blacking out in the ER and the first face he sees three days later, as he awakens after multiple surgeries. He is soon taken with his caregiver and even proposes to Sunny while still bedridden. Their marriage is perfection. When John is sent on a mission to Afghanistan, Sunny’s world changes forever.

Sunny soon meets Rohan, a mysterious Indian doctor who is passionate about saving people, but at what cost? After losing his wife, Rohan had embarked on a soul-searching retreat to eastern India. There, he learned a secret, spiritual method for switching “Life Force Energy” between two people. Upon his return to the United States, he begins to recruit a dedicated group of specialized colleagues to help him carry out his unique, if somewhat questionable, mission.

He approaches Sunny to join his team. Her sense of compassion and the fact that she deals with life and death on a daily basis has Rohan believing she’d be the perfect agent. Will she agree to work with Rohan and switch life force energy between those who want to live … and those who are hell bent on dying? Or will the unorthodox means of “terminal switching” be too much for her?

About the Author of New Women’s Fiction Novel: Robin Jay

Robin Jay is the award-winning screenwriter and producer of “The Key Movies,” a trilogy of inspirational films that star today’s top self-help thought leaders. She has also written and edited several personal development and business books. With her first foray into women’s fiction, she continues to celebrate stories that make us glad to be alive. 

Jay laughs at the fact that it took her nearly 18 years to write her first Women’s Fiction novel. “When I started writing, I believed the saying, ‘Write what you know about.’ I knew advertising and how to build business relationships, so I thought that my first book should be about that. The Art of the Business Lunch, Building Relationships Between 12 and 2 (Career Press, 2006) proved to be an award-winning success that is now in 12 languages.”

“I didn’t realize until later that ‘write what you know about’ goes much deeper than that. In Terminal Switch, I found I was able to write about what I know with regard to relationships, life, and human nature. After nearly 20 years in Personal Development, everything I write and do reflects a deep respect for the value of human life while offering inspiration. Now, I am truly sharing what I know about. Writing a novel also meant I could be incredibly creative with my storytelling. There is an element of fantasy to Terminal Switch that will surprise readers.”

Robin Jay is currently in the process of submitting her novel to literary agents for publication. She explains, “I’ve sold my work to publishers and I’ve edited and published books before. Now, I’d like to focus solely on my writing, so I don’t want to publish this myself. In fact, I would even appreciate a multiple book deal.”

Inquiries can be submitted to Robin at LVCSB dot com.

Works of Robin Jay, Author, Filmmaker
Robin Jay’s books and films inspire and empower. Her three award-winning films are collectively known as “The Key Movies.” “The Art of the Business Lunch” is an award-winning business book. She is also a contributor to “Chicken Soup for the Wine Lover’s Soul.” Jay has also edited and published “The Power of the Platform” speaker anthology series.

For more on Robin Jay, the Key Movies, and the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, visit http://LVCSB.com or email: Robin@LVCSB.com.

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