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New Mobile Marketing Campaign Alters The Mobile Marketing Landscape
Tom Antion -- Internet Marketing Expert Tom Antion -- Internet Marketing Expert
Virginia Beach, VA
Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mobile Monday Discount Club
Tom Antion

301 - 346 - 7403



This Year Will See Dozens Of New Mobile Marketing Trends: Here's The Second Best Reason Why Antion & Associates' Mobile Marketing Campaign Merits First Consideration
 It is difficult to mention all of the mobile marketing news without bringing up the Mobile Monday Discount Club offered by world renowned multimillionaire Internet marketing expert Tom Antion, president of Antion & Associates. This new mobile marketing campaign changes the way small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn the skills they need for success.

The launch of the Mobile Monday Discount Club has officially put online and small business owners on notice: And not a moment too soon for all of those concerned about marketing a small business. In today's economy and rising competition among online and small businesses of every kind, the need for quality Internet marketing training is at an all time high. Tom Antion has been delivering top notch training materials for online marketing and professional speaking to his clients for over sixteen years. His new mobile marketing campaign allows consumers access to the same elite training material that has worked for thousands of entrepreneurs over the years and does so at a discounted price. While this is a mobile marketing campaign offering valuable content at affordable prices, it is one that no business owner or aspiring entrepreneur can afford to miss.


As Tom Antion, president of Antion & Associates, shared, there was a significant and growing market for new mobile marketing campaigns. Rather than model the mobile marketing campaign of the competition, the focus was instead placed on what they failed to do. The quality of material offered via the Mobile Monday Discount Club is already more superior than that offered by the competition, it was only the mobile marketing campaign itself that needed to be better.

To find out first hand why thousands of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and authors have come to Tom Antion for number one training in Internet marketing and professional speaking, go to www.Antion.com. While there, enroll in the Mobile Monday Discount club and be among the thousands of Tom's satisfied clients.

Tom Antion can be reached at 757 - 431 -1366 or by email at Orders@Antion.com.

Tom Antion has invested in over 20 years of experience in the Internet marketing industry. From such a robust foundation and electronic marketing knowledgebase, the Mobile Monday Discount Club was born. He is the founder of the first and only independent, licensed Internet marketing training school in the country and the author of "The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Small Business." Antion and Associates is headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, US and provides the highest quality training, learning material, and mentoring to clients all over the world.

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