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New Elections Book by Dr. Louis Perron Shows How to Beat Incumbents
Dr. Louis Perron - Political Consultant Dr. Louis Perron - Political Consultant
Wednesday, January 17, 2024


Zurich, Switzerland, Jan. 17, 2024 -- With the U.S. presidential campaign officially kicking off, it's perfect timing for the release of Dr. Louis Perron's new book,  "Beat the Incumbent: Proven Strategies and Tactics to Win Elections" (Radius Book Group).

Dr. Perron tells the fascinating insider story of how winning political campaigns are orchestrated and how longshot challengers can win elections. With over a decade of experience orchestrating political campaigns around the globe, Perron's "Beat the Incumbent" is the essential step-by-step guide for any level of political office to challenge an incumbent and, once victory is claimed, how you can avoid the same traps to effect change and win reelection.

Research shows that over 80% of incumbent U.S. senators and congress members beat their respective challengers over the past ten years. And in the election of 2022, not one U.S. senator lost their reelection bid. "The fact is, it's difficult to overcome all the advantages that an incumbent has and win an election as a challenger," Perron says.

Dr. Perron is a  political scientist, consultant, author, and TEDx speaker based in Switzerland. He has deep real-world campaign experience, including winning dozens of election campaigns worldwide - from big city mayors to presidents.

By studying this book, challengers will learn how to:

  • Assess the real strength of the incumbent.
  • Maximize their own qualities as the challenger.
  • Develop a winning challenger message that gets voters on their side.
  • Increase mass media presence.
  • Deal with and fight attacks that are sure to come.
  • Build a top-notch campaign team.


The Washington Examiner called Beat The Incumbent in a review an "important, useful, and highly informative book." They also said the book was an "expert guide to the nuts and bolts of successfully challenging incumbents."

For more information, please visit Dr. Perron's book web page: Beat the Incumbent by Political Advisor, Dr. Louis Perron.



"Dr. Perron's analysis is spot on. But this book is much more. It is a rare view inside the mind of an artist and master craftsman. If you want to really know how elections are won, start with this book."

—John Zogby, founder of the Zogby International poll and author of The Way We'll Be


"Whether you're a political scientist, journalist, or first-time candidate on the ballot, we can all learn from the lessons and results of several engaging campaigns. Perron provides a strategic landscape for how modern campaigns are won and lost in today's unpredictable and often hostile political terrain."

—Donna Brazile, former Interim Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee


"I have known Dr. Louis Perron for many years and it has always been a refreshing experience to listen to his reports and analysis. I have described his presentations as 'like walking in the garden barefoot.' I say that because I always come away fully grounded. You will too, after reading his book."

—Ferdinand "Bongbong" Romualdez Marcos JR., President of the Republic of the Philippines


About Dr. Louis Perron

Dr. Louis Perron, PhD, is a political scientist, consultant, and TEDx speaker based in Switzerland. He speaks fluent English, German, and French. He's a trusted commentator on election campaigns in the news and has been teaching political marketing for over a decade.


Website: https://louisperron.com

Facebook: (20+) Facebook

LinkedIn: (25) Louis Perron | LinkedIn

X: Louis Perron (@dr_perron) / X (twitter.com)



For more information, or to schedule an interview with Dr. Louis Perron, please contact Kevin McVicker at Shirley & McVicker Public Affairs at (703) 739-5920 or kmcvicker@shirleyandmcvicker.com.

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