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New App 'Fototriever' Makes Finding Photos a Snap on Your iPhone
Fototriever - Makes Finding Photos a Snap on Your iPhone Fototriever - Makes Finding Photos a Snap on Your iPhone
Vancouver, BC
Tuesday, February 26, 2019

First of its kind, voice-activated photo app makes photos quick and easy to take, tag and find on your iPhone
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Available now, Fototriever, is the iOS app that makes taking, tagging, finding and retrieving your photos easier than ever. Using voice-activated technology, this first-of-its kind app allows you to tag photos by voice or text as soon as you take them. Then, when you want to quickly find that photo of your child at soccer or his first birthday party, you simply speak the event into your phone, and the app pulls it up for you. No more searching or scrolling through endless photos. Simply speak or text.

Watch a video demo here: https://fototriever.com/fototriever-demo.mp4

Stop the frustration of repetitive swiping for your pictures. With Fototriever there is no faster way of finding a picture buried in a haystack of images. Tag photos as soon as you take them, using the simple formula of WHAT, WHERE, WHO and WHEN. Fototriever's voice recognition software allows you to use the microphone to speak your commands, or you can use the phone's keyboard to type them in.

Then, use voice command to instantly find a stored picture. "Birthday, Zoo, Johnathan, March 2018" Any one of these words will instantly bring up all photos that you tagged of Jonathon's birthday this month. No more searching. Whenever you want to find it, even years later, just use a voice or text a command to instantly get it. Swipe no more—just "SEE IT, SAY IT, SAVE IT."


Main Features of Fototriever:

  • Voice or Text Tag Any Photo Already in your Photo Library
  • Retrieve Any Photo Anytime by Voice or Text
  • Share Your Photos by Email or Social Media

Fototriever was developed by Dr. Alan Jeroff, a practising dentist and Dr. Dennis Nimchuk, a Prosthodontist, both in Vancouver, BC. "I kept looking at photos on my camera, and I couldn't remember who some of the people were on some of the trips I was on," says Jeroff. "In the olden days I would always write on the back of the photo who the people were in the photo." They hired a computer science programmer from the University of British Columbia to help them write the code. They are thrilled with the results. Jeroff has been very happy with the app on his own phone. "When I was in Palm Springs at a tennis match I took photos. Back in the hotel room later that evening is when I tagged them. I was able to tag them by players, score, stats and opponents."

Early reviews are encouraging, and people of all ages love the advantages of Fototriever. "To be able to find a photo lost on my iPhone is like finding money," says Mike Ball, author and photographer. "I take a lot of photos so not being able to find them quickly is frustrating, and Fototriever fixes that."

So download your free app today and never have to hunt for a photo again. Happy picture taking with Fototriever!

Fototriever is available for FREE at the App Store. System requirements are iOS version 10.0 or higher. Download the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fototriever/id1436958015?mt=8


For more information visit: https://fototriever.com/


Media Contact: For more information or to schedule an interview with the developers contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind iPhone App Publicity at scottlorenz@Westwindcos.com or 734-667-2090 or http://www.iPhoneAppPublicity.com 


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