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Neuropathy, and how it can impact all of us.
Varney Kanneh -- Food Safety Expert Varney Kanneh -- Food Safety Expert
Bowie , MD
Saturday, April 08, 2017


Those of us with diabetes are nearly 10 times more likely to undergo an amputation than those without diabetes.  We must be rest asured that there is an ongoing research to help reduce situations ending up to an amputation in many diabetics.  To the many who will not end up losing a limb, we will all suffer from neuropathy.  Neuropathy is nerve damages that lead to chronic pains, numbness that occur in the hands and feet.  The nerve damages can begin slowly after a perioid with a diabetic diagnosis.  Neuropathy is an important conscequence of diabetes.

We must all know that neuropathy will remain to be dangerous to us because it creates in our bodies a loss of sensation.  That loss of sensation will increase risk of injury and also makes it difficult to notice or feel blisters, cuts,sores and other wounds, and even after nails are cut on toes on feet.  When we overlook cuts or wounds, that can be a big problem, because with diabetes, we tend to heal very slowly; more slowly that those without diabetes with similar health issues to deal with.  Many a times, we end up suffering from chronic wounds with pain that cannot heal easily; even with time and all the treatment we get. 

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