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NTEF Launches Safer and Healthier Lunch Initiative.
National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation
Las Vegas, NV
Monday, August 12, 2013

 The National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation (NTEF) is pleased to announce their Children's Safer & Healthier Lunch Campaign in conjunction with the opening of their online healthier products store, Chemical Free Living. [1, 2]

Children should have access to healthy food, especially those with food allergies and gastrointestinal health concerns. School lunches aren't the same as ones that are prepared at home. By the time they have lunch, usually the sandwiches are soggy, crushed, the cold food is warm and the hot food has chilled.

"The rate of childhood food allergies and gastrointestinal problems is growing exponentially. Gluten/wheat and dairy allergies can be problematic especially in kitchen settings, where bread, pizza, pasta and dairy products are prepared in large school cafeteria kitchens. Most who work in such facilities have little knowledge about the immense potential serious dangers that can occur if certain allergic children have some accidental minimal contact with certain foods, such as wheat or dairy. Although nutrition must remain the major priority in maintaining the best possible health of all school children, every child, with food allergies, also, must be given special serious consideration. Within the initiative of protecting the health of every child, it is essential that those who have serious allergies stringently avoid even very minute amounts of known allergenic foods. If both the general health and the special concerns of allergic children are considered, we can be more certain that both the nutritional and safety issues of both non-allergic and allergic children are met. We must do all we can to protect and address the needs all children."
-Doris J. Rapp, MD [3,4]

"This is an excellent idea and program. The elimination of Genetically Modified Foods, particularly those that contain the herbicide, roundup (glyphosate) and insecticides will benefit all children participating in this program, by knowing exactly what they are eating. We must remember that children are still developing and their immune systems and brains are vulnerable to toxic exposures. This is exemplified in the fact that Autistic Spectrum disorders as well as food allergies and gastrointestinal problems in children are on the increase." -Jack Dwayne Thrasher, Ph.D. [5]

The first distribution will give parents and school personnel the ability to interact with both Dr. Rapp and Dr. Thrasher. Dr. Thrasher is a highly sought after expert toxicologist/immuno-toxicologist/fetal-toxicologist.

The public is becoming more aware of the health concerns regarding plastic bottles, BPA, GMO's, and try to maintain a healthier lifestyle at home. Children should have the same access at school. With our stainless steel lunch containers, now, they can have food without the possibility of chemicals leeching into them from their containers and avoid known food allergies from food prepared in school kitchens.

The Initiative will provide a diverse package of safe, all stainless steel lunch containers and related accessories: two layer sandwich container, cutlery, salad/soup container, condiment container, straws, 12 ounce water bottle, reusable ice cubes and non-toxic reusable ice pack, in each kit.

This initiative is part of the store and for a tax deductible donation of $100.00, thru the NTEF, a child will be given this safer and healthier lunch kit.

Your donation will provide years of safer and healthier lunches for children. Sandwiches where the lettuce and tomatoes are separate from the bread and meat. Including a condiment container for dipping sauces for vegetables or dressings for their salad. Milk or fresh squeezed juice will remain cold with our reusable ice cubes. An ice pack that can be placed right next to the food without the concern of it puncturing and tainting the food.

With the economy in the current state, food storage containers such as these are a luxury that some can ill afford. The kits will be given free of charge to low income families with children whose maladies necessitate homemade lunches.

We highly recommend that people read Dr. Rapp's books on the behavioral interactions associated with food and chemical allergies. [6]

The Chemical Free Living store was created solely to provide safer alternatives for all ages. All monies raised will be used to help those with environmentally related maladies.

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