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NTEF Launches Personal & Corporate Health & Wellness Program
National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation
Las Vegas, NV
Monday, August 2, 2021


The National Toxic Encephalopathy (NTEF) is pleased to announce its newly created Life, Health and Wellness Program, geared to either individuals or corporations.

The program will be encompassing stress management, nutrition, indoor air quality, pregnancy, safer products, smoking cessation, social, mental, physical aspects, in order to lead a healthier life, both at home and in the workplace.

For decades, the NTEF has been addressing these issues when contacted for help with environmentally connected health issues, utilizing both traditional allopathic and alternative medicine readily accepted protocols, via in person, video or telephonic interactions.

"So many of the current health and wellness programs, especially corporate, are not very inclusive. Most are 'cookie-cutter' programs that aren't geared to the individuality of the employee. Usually thru active listening, an issue surfaces that accelerates the individual's progress," stated Angel De Fazio, President-NTEF

Carole Fineberg had a chronic problem and was directed to a couple of readily available homeopathic products and a couple of chemicals to avoid. "I was completely impressed with NTEF's ability to identify a problem to a successful solution that no one else was able to resolve," attests Fineberg. "This program is far more expansive than other health and wellness facilities or programs."

"This program offering is long over due. There are many programs, offerings currently, the wealth of knowledge diversity of the NTEF places them above the rest. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone seeking to improve their lives to take advantage of this program." - David Carpenter, M.D., creator of the School of Public Health at University at Albany, Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment (University at Albany).

The NTEF program is designed to support and enhance a person's knowledge, not to replace or interfere with the relationship that exists between the individual and his or her medical practitioner.

For more information, contact http://www.ntef.org.

News Media Interview Contact
Name: Angel De Fazio, BSAT, BCNHP
Title: President
Group: NTEF
Dateline: Las Vegas, NV United States
Direct Phone: 702.490.9677
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