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NTEF Challenges WeLink, Inc. Marketing Claim of Safety.
National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation
Las Vegas, NV
Monday, February 12, 2024


The National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation (NTEF) has exposed the health problems associated with harmful chemicals in the environment, smart utility meters, Wi-Fi, Electro-Magnetic Frequency and Radio Frequency (EMF/RF).  Our work has spanned two plus decades.

WeLink, Inc. and WeLink Communications, LLC, are located in Lehi, Utah-as foreign corporations and primarily registered in Delaware. They are also registered as foreign corporations in various states, including Nevada, Arizona, California etc.

NTEF's President, Angel De Fazio, had two conversations with WeLink's Customer Care office, with no confirmatory or verifiable responses. WeLink's Supervisor of Customer Care refused to respond to certain questions, citing that they would respond only to a customer.

Mitch McClellan, Esq., (Texas), WeLink's General Counsel was contacted to confirm or refute the following:

NTEF challenged the honesty and veracity of claims on the WeLink web site under their FAQs.

Prior to De Fazio's telephone call with WeLink's Customer Care office, there was the following.

"WeLink 5G safe?

A: Yes. WeLink 5G receivers are FCC certified and use millimeter-wave technology (mmWave), which is different from most conventional 5G.  Each receiver must be precisely aligned and depends on a clear line of sight in to operate.  Plus, our receivers are extremely green, with ~1/50th the emissions compared to traditional 5G.'"

After these calls, this FAQ was removed from the web site. McClellan did not respond to the email, that also included other queries.

What proof do they have regarding their lower emissions claim?

When asked about the safety assertion, there was no ability of the Supervisor to produce any methodology for "determining it was safe," Was it done via animal, human, or a computer module/simulation testing? The patent had no reference to safety tests or documentation.

An industry trade website, 'Fierce Wireless' stated: "Startup WeLink has rolled out fixed wireless service using unlicensed millimeter wave spectrum across the markets of Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson…"

When asked about this statement, WeLink's Customer Service Representatives claimed that it was false information, without providing proof.

A Reddit post disclosed WeLink's sales pitch: " They stated they would give me $150 credit for breaking my contract w/Cox and that I would pay $1/month for life as they stated my home is a perfect hub for the area…'  WeLink's business model would fail if revenue from most customers was limited to $1 per month for lifetime service.

WeLink refuses to address the accuracy of public internet references on their and other web sites, but did remove safety claims previously made.


News Media Interview Contact
Name: Angel De Fazio, BSAT, BCNHP
Title: President
Group: NTEF
Dateline: Las Vegas, NV United States
Direct Phone: 702.490.9677
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