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NJ Brand Marketing Advertising Agency brands Employee Benefits Broker
Allan Gorman -- Brand Marketing Consultant Allan Gorman -- Brand Marketing Consultant
New York, NY
Friday, August 27, 2010

An example of Sterling & Sterling's new marketing materials created by Brandspa
When the insurance broker organization Sterling & Sterling saw the opportunity to expand their Employee Benefits business in New Jersey, they realized they needed more than just a graphic designer to quickly throw together their marketing materials. 'We're not like other benefits insurance brokers, says Steve Jasinski, Sterling & Sterling's VP of Business Development. 'We're there for our clients all year long, not just at policy renewal time. And we knew that we needed help creating the right materials that reflect our commitment to our clients, our customer-centric service, and our hands-on approach to business.'

That's when Sterling & Sterling turned to Brandspa, New Jersey's premier brand strategy agency for mid-cap businesses that want to increase their brand equity. Brandspa provided strategic counsel and helped Sterling & Sterling define their unique brand DNA.

'One of the things we, at Brandspa, are good at,' says Brandspa CEO president Allan Gorman, 'is taking a lot of disparate information, especially technical language that's found in businesses like the insurance and the chemical industries, and drilling down to the essence of the product or service so that even a non-technical person can clearly see the advantages of doing business with that company.'

After conducting targeted research and a competitive analysis, Brandspa helped Sterling & Sterling articulate their unique brand story. From that platform, Brandspa crafted new visual imaging and messaging that showcased Sterling & Sterling's integrity, commitment, and proactive approach to the Employee Benefits business.

'We're very happy with the results of working with Brandspa,' says Pam Fitzgerald, VP of Account management for Sterling & Sterling. 'Now when I approach new business, I have great materials that can help me communicate not only who we are, but how we are the best choice to help companies find the most efficient and cost-effective benefits program and services.'

'We work with clients like Sterling & Sterling all the time,' says Brandspa's Director of Business Development, Martha Day. 'Our work is always focused on helping the companies we serve become market leaders.'

Brandspa helps corporations and organizations transform their brands from commonplace to cool. Reach them at www.brandspa.net or (973) 509-2728.

Sterling & Sterling is a privately held, family-owned broker and consultant organization founded in 1932 with a client base of over $300 million in premiums. Reach them at (732) 527-0056.

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