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MyGuru and AnalystPrep Introduce New Video GMAT Prep Course Posted by Dr. Don Martin
Dr. Donald C. Martin -- Graduate Study Expert Dr. Donald C. Martin -- Graduate Study Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Chicago, IL
Monday, August 1, 2022

After more than a year of development, MyGuru is extremely excited to be able to offer our own comprehensive video course for the GMAT exam in partnership with AnalystPrep! GMAT® Complete Course offered by AnalystPrep – AnalystPrep.
Offering nearly 50 video lessons of more than 20 hours of content and 1,000+ practice questions, our comprehensive GMAT course covers all aspects of the exam from an accessible perspective that leverages my nearly two decades of GMAT preparation experience to present the content of the exam in a logical manner rather than a technical one.
What Makes This Course Different?
My background as a communicator (not an engineer!) and the proven Analyst Prep tracking software makes this set of videos and practice problems the most intuitive GMAT self-prep materials available today, and right now, we’re offering it all for 12 months for only $49 with no recurring billing!
Most practice materials treat technical mastery as the key to success on the GMAT. These courses introduce concepts as technically challenging as the quadratic formula or the discriminant for the quantitative section and the most obscure English idiom imaginable for the verbal section. Then, they make students believe that 100% comprehension is necessary to achieve their goals and that studying has to be done in a fully linear fashion. Rather than focusing on forcing these difficult to master concepts on the average student, we prioritize teaching the practice rigor, in-exam execution, and tactical recognition that separates the 700+ students from everyone else. Ultimately the GMAT is a test of logic using the languages of mathematics and English, rather than a math or English test – and this is an important distinction that our course recognizes like no other.
And here comes the humblebrag, in just the past year, students of mine have been accepted to Wharton, INSEAD, Kellogg, Stanford GSB, Dartmouth (Full Scholarship!), and Harvard Business School. What contributes to this success most is that MBA students are incredibly motivated! Beyond that though, I recognize that my role is more that of a coach than of an academic tutor. Even the best GMAT test takers don’t get every question correct, the exam’s adaptivity function pretty much prevents it, so we have to focus both on the micro and macro aspects of test prep, and our course does that at the very beginning so you know how to pace yourself and execute under duress – because that duress will come for everyone!
How to Use Our Course
We do not intend our course to be a standalone product. We encourage you to purchase the mba.com practice exams and practice problems as part of your study plan. It’s part of why we are able to offer our course at such a lower price point as compared to so many other options on the market. We have practice problems integrated with our video lessons so that you can do your practice drills right in the Analyst Prep platform and track your progress, but eventually you will want to practice your skills with the GMAT Prep exams to gauge your readiness for the official exam. Generally, we recommend a 2-4 month study plan for the exam and our course can keep you pace with that schedule.
Additionally, our course is broken into intuitive modules so that even if you don’t need to study all aspects of the GMAT you can go straight to the part that is most challenging for you. Because the price is so low, even if you just need the Verbal videos and questions, you won’t find another more affordable and comprehensive option today!
GMAT® Complete Course offered by AnalystPrep – AnalystPrep
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