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My good friend, James Taylor, has just announced Season 3 of International Speakers Summit, and it’s huge!
James Taylor --  International Keynote Speaker James Taylor -- International Keynote Speaker
Edinburgh ,
Friday, September 27, 2019

My good friend, James Taylor, has just announced Season 3 of International Speakers Summit, and it’s huge!


If you're interested in creating a profitable, sustainable international speaking business, then keep reading. 

My good friend, James Taylor, has just announced Season 3 of International Speakers Summit, and it's huge! 

He's pulled together over 150 of the most successful speakers in the business to share their best tips, strategies, and ideas for launching and building an international speaking career. 

And it's all coming to you FREE at International Speakers Summit!

You'll hear the latest and greatest ideas from world-class speakers, bureau agents and speaker coaches like Jason Hewlett, Colette Coleman, Chad Hymas, Nicholas Webb, Kate O'Neill, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Su-Yen Wong, Jim Cathcart, Bill Cates, Gerd Leonhard. Bob Hooey, Paul ter Wal, Laura Gassner Otting, yours truly -- plus dozens more!

==> Click here to get your free ticket! https://internationalspeakerssummit.com/?orid=155124&opid=61

International Speakers Summit 2019 starts October 3rd, and I can promise it'll be a top-notch event. James is known for his high-quality online summits and his ability to bring together the biggest names and most knowledgeable speakers to share their best secrets with you.

And I got you a free ticket! https://internationalspeakerssummit.com/?orid=155124&opid=61

Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn during the summit sessions:

  • Jason Hewlett shares how to identify your signature moves as a speaker and craft a winning speech.
  • Let Colette Carlson teach you how to do the perfect sales call to book more speaking gigs. 
  • Chad Hymas shares how to create a million dollar video business so you make an income even when you are not on stage.
  • Former Navy Seal commander Alden Mills on why speaking is a perishable skill and how to stay on top of your game.
  • Laura Gassner Otting on living a limitless life as a speaker.
  • Bob Hooey breaks down how to go from local to international speaker.
  • The First Principles of Speaking with Jim Cathcart
  • Former VP of Talent at LinkedIn Steve Cadigan shares how he transitioned from corporate life to professional speaking.
  • Futurist Gerd Leonard shares what the future of speaking looks like (and how to adapt to it).
  • Kate O'Neill reveals how she was able to identify her speaking topic and how you can too.
  • Nicholas Webb gives us an insight into how speakers will be evaluated by clients in the future.
  • Ntsiki Mkhize provides tips on finding top speakers to mentor you.
  • Learn how to licence your intellectual property to corporations with Bill Cates. 
  • Steve and Jayne Lowell share how to stand out in a crowded market and develop a six figure speaker mindset.
  • Nate Woodbury breaks down how to grow your brand using YouTube.
  • Ever wanted to be funny(er) on stage? Andrew Tarvin shares some powerful improv and comedy techniques for speakers.
  • Plus much, much more!

If you're serious about building your speaking business, this is the must-attend online event of the year.

Not only will you learn new ideas and strategies, you'll be able to part of a global community of aspiring and professional speakers who are all committed to excellence. 

These are the six, seven, and eight-figure speakers who are setting the standard for international speakers everywhere -- and you can learn how they did it!

==> Get your free ticket here! https://internationalspeakerssummit.com/?orid=155124&opid=61

Whether you're an aspiring speaker, a fast-rising speaker, or a seasoned pro, you'll learn lots of new strategies to build, grow and monetize your speaking business faster than you thought possible.

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