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Motivational Speakers: Star in a New Self-Help Film with Icons in the Industry
Robin Jay Robin Jay
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Dateline: Las Vegas, NV
Sunday, August 25, 2013

Writer/Producer Robin Jay with the stars of .

Principals from ?The Keeper of the Keys? appear on the RED CARPET at the Las Vegas premiere of the film

Writer/Producer Robin Jay Seeks Motivational Speakers to Star in New Self-help Film

Writer/Producer Robin Jay and The Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau are seeking just a few motivational speakers and experts who have a meaningful message they want to share with the world in the newest self-help film, now in development. The Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau is currently seeking just SEVEN highly successful motivational speakers who want to become part of the newest entertaining, empowering self-help film, ?The Secrets of the Keys.? This new film is currently in development. It will star Brian Tracy, Academy Award nominated actress Mariel Hemingway, ?The Secret?s? Law of Attraction expert John Assaraf, Dannion Brinkley, author of ?Saved by the Light?, and special guest don Miguel Ruiz, author of the incredibly popular ?The Four Agreements.? Imagine what co-starring with these internationally-recognized experts and thought leaders could do for you ? AND what you could do for everyone who sees this new film! This is an extremely limited opportunity for you to become one of the few personal development experts who will be able to shine as part of this all-star lineup.

 Jay?s first film, ?The Keeper of the Keys,? quickly became an award-winning film and a self-help fan favorite. The movie stars Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff.

Unlike other self-help films, Jay wanted her films to be critically different, so she created a hybrid ? an intriguing mix of fictional characters interacting with phenomenal experts in the field of personal development. The result of this hybrid is that viewers are engaged and develop an interest in seeing the characters transform as they encounter the experts and discover the keys to improving their lives. Many viewers relate to the main character of Michael ? who has lost his job, his home is in foreclosure, and he has become so negative that his fiancee has broken off their engagement. This may not sound like a comedy, but think again! It?s the perfect setting for some transformation of the funniest kind.
When Jay set out to make a personal growth film that would offer advice from experts that could actually transform lives, she discovered she had her work cut out for her. It seems most personal development films tend to copy ?The Secret? ? the blockbuster film that brought self-help into the lives of many people who had never even known that the field existed. She wanted to make something different ? a self-help film that would be engaging and entertaining, too. She believed that in order to empower anyone you must first engage them, so she set out to make the first funny self-help film.?The Keeper of the Keys? has succeeded! It has won numerous awards and has earned North American distribution, including GAIAMTV.com and iTunes and was a featured selection for Spiritual Cinema Circle.

Jay is looking for just seven more experts who want to take their speaking career to a higher level. To help fund the high-end production, Jay invites the experts to pre-purchase their supply of DVDs, which the most successful speakers will want to have on hand for speaking engagements and screenings. Jay anticipates this new film will offer experts more onscreen time and even higher name recognition than her first film. The seven keys that the movies feature include:

  • The Key of Appreciation
  • The Key of Passion
  • The Key of Harmony
  • The Key of Faith
  • The Key of Courage
  • The Key of Vibration, and
  • The Key of Empathy
Interested speakers can stream or download Jay?s first film, ?The Keeper of the Keys?, directly from the site at TheKeyMovies.com to see if they are the right speaker for this outstanding project. If you are an OUTSTANDING, SUCCESSFUL motivational speaker with an important message to share, please contact robin@robinjay.com as soon as possible.
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