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Minimally Invasive Procedure Exploding For Male Chest Reduction
Dave E. David, M.D. --  Botox Expert Dave E. David, M.D. -- Botox Expert
Boston , MA
Friday, August 14, 2015

Dave E. David, M.D.

Nationally renowned Boston Cosmetic Surgeon, Dave E. David, M.D., as seen on Fox News Channel and CNN and who has been appearing with top national celeberities for decades (and is considered one of the leading experts in the country in male chest reduction) says that there is no longer any need to go under the knife for gynecomastia, or as his patients refer to it, "man boobs".

Dr. David, whose patients travel from around the U.S. and beyond,for the very troubling (and often times humiliating) overgrowth of breast tissue, is known for eradicating this problem that has been troubling men for many years.

Dr. David's patients, who include well known celebrities, as well as everyday people, range from their teens (when brought in by their parents, and recommended by their pediatricians) all the way up to men in their 70's.

David tells us that it is astounding how many men suffer from gynecomastia and will not remove their shirts in public or even wear many of their shirts because of the humiliation they experience

Dr. David (who has performed thousands of liposuction procedures and is known as one of the U.S.'s liposuction experts) feels that there's no longer a need for these men to go under the knife for this troubling condition, but rather VASER lipo (a modern day form of liposuction, performed when the patient is awake) takes less than an hour, yields permament results and does so with barely a visible scar.  

"My procedure literally changes these men's lives and they wish this procedure would have been available many years ago", says Dr. David

Dr. David can be contacted through his website www.medfacebody.com or by phone at 1-866-DR YOUTH

Dave E. David, MD
Medical Director
Medical Face & Body Aesthetics
West Roxbury, MA
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