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Menopause at Work Costing Businesses Billion

Working Through Menopause



Mache Seibel, MD, OB/GYN, menopause expert, and author of The Estrogen Fix, is the co-author of the new book, Working Through Menopause: The Impact on Women, Businesses, and the Bottom Line, launching on March 8th, International Women's Day.


According to Dr. Seibel, "Hot flashes, mood swings, poor sleep, and irritability are challenging enough menopause symptoms at home. But dealing with these symptoms in the workplace has resulted in a huge unmet need for the one fourth of the entire workforce who are in either perimenopause or menopause."


Dr. Seibel explains that "not addressing menopause symptoms in the workplace has created an occupational wellness problem costing businesses $810 Billion globally. Hot flashes alone in the United States is a $14 Billion dollar cost to businesses."


Of the millions of women entering menopause each year, Dr. Seibel explains, "approximately 75-80% will have symptoms, and less than 10% are adequately being treated. That means that the vast majority are coping with their symptoms at work without any intervention, without talking about it, and without the workplace offering either support or solutions. This represents a very large segment of the workforce whose work experience and performance are being greatly impacted. Menopause is a silent ceiling."


Working Through Menopause addresses a variety of questions, including:

1. How does menopause affect work for midlife women?

2. How big of an issue is menopause in the workplace?

3. What is currently being done to help women in the workplace?

4. What can businesses do to make things better?


Dr. Seibel is available to discuss these questions as well as other topics surrounding perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause, including signs one should acknowledge and how to deal with the symptoms that many experience.


Dr. Seibel can be reached at info@doctorseibel.com or via phone at 617-851-5034.

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