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Meet us at our Book Club
Sharrye Schlerf  ---  Gallery Books Press Sharrye Schlerf --- Gallery Books Press
Richmond, VA
Sunday, October 4, 2020

Find "Direction in an Age of Confusion"

There are so many book clubs. So many spawned by the pandemic ( yawn ) but its also time for Autumn cozy to explore a new experience.

Discover a new interactive Zoom Book Club making its debut with an Author's Forum at Gallery Books Press with publisher Sharrye Schlerf.
Specific topic will be analyzing her extensive novel "Direction in an Age of Confusion" that examines parallels of historical timeline turbulence...with a prophetic twist.
RSVP online: http://ow.ly/UcWd30ranVZ     
Do you believe in prophecy?  Or interested in prophetic thrillers?  
Then join us for a fast ride to the future, with a rearview mirror reflecting the red flag warnings of the past. Enjoy a faith-based dialogue relevant to these days and times with Ms Schlerf whom is also a chaplain and well versed in scripture.
Her inspirational works meets readers where they are, relevant to these challenging times. And for enhanced immersive depth, Ms Schlerf has also launched "The Prophet's Blog" as backgrounder storyline.
Discover daily inspiration from "The Prophet's Blog" with fresh historical perspective.  http://ow.ly/VBq330rcrZV
This week's editions featured topics from the Bosnian Conflict to Media coverage.
"The best predictor of the future, is looking at the past." 
--Sharrye Schlerf
Blog 8 theme
As the author of this work, there is a great amount of trepidation for me, setting forth a prescient turned documentary narrative with a plot that weaves its way into a chronicle, a 'study' guide for everyone (who reads it) to consider, appraise, examine, sift evidence, inspect, and decide its 'Truth'.  
Is our nation conceived as a Republic or Democracy. Discover biblical excerpts that resonate amid our colonial roots and Declaration of Independence.
Are we better off now than 20 years ago. Is Quality of Life contented amid these New Normal days
Blog 9 theme
Reminiscent review of media circuit talk show days, in demand as a crisis expert. Blog theme also reviews historical Timeline context of Bosnia, and the East African embassy bombings amid Whitewater days.
Efforts by Ms. Schlerf included Bosnian refugee aid amid media circuit, as well as criticism of those efforts that seemed a harbinger of fake media attacks.
 "A mind is a terrible thing to waste"…
Blog 10 theme A focus on reminiscing educational trends: Back to School or Homeschooling versus Work From Home demands of the New Normal. Content mulls heritage and principles of learning fundamentals...and Ben Franklin.
Blog 11 theme
Muses  Media amid Timeline turbulence. Imagine Civil War coverage merely by photographs & artful sketches. Or the Vietnam war that brought the carnage into living rooms, plus a focus on media influencing national sentiments fueling unrest.
It also explores reporters turned pundits.  
Blog 12 theme
What is Courage. Ms. Schlerf offers her favorite example sd "Hacksaw Ridge", the story of Desmond Doss from Lynchburg VA. The story of courageously saving wounded troop mates during WWII. Eternal theme: not give up when being tested.
Check out prior blogs  http://ow.ly/VBq330rcrZV  
Find "Direction in an Age of Confusion" and be inspired by the new blog  as backgrounder defining prophetic visions.
This prophetic thriller will be analyzed by segment, by subscription available only at Gallery Books Press.

Shall we meet at our new Zoom book club beginning October 19th at 8PM, hosted by Chaplain Schlerf. RSVP online: http://ow.ly/UcWd30ranVZ
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