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Maximize Your Business Growth Through Strategic Content Creation
Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Orlando, FL
Friday, April 19, 2024


Hey there, my fellow entrepreneurs! It’s me, Terry Brock, your guide in this thrilling world of business growth and success. In this episode of Stark Raving Entrepreneurs, I’m going to spill the beans on content creation like you’ve never heard it before. I’m here to dish out a platter of actionable steps that will take your business from a whisper in the hallway to the talk of the town.

We’re gonna go back to where it all started (think of me as a 2nd-grader with a newsletter) and fast-forward to today’s techy tools that make content creation a breeze. From whispering sweet nothings through email newsletters to serenading the world with your podcast – I’ve got the juicy tips you need. And let’s talk video! It’s like giving your brand a face, a voice, and a personal handshake with every viewer.It is pretty dad-gummed close to actually being there in person — at least I think so.

With me as your entrepreneurial DJ, we’ll mix the old-school charm with some spanking new gadgets like our trusty smartphones. I’m all about leveraging tech to build your business. You’ll learn about tools like Ecamm, Camtasia, Castmagic – you name it, we’re going to demystify it and make it work for you.

This isn’t just any talk, it’s about becoming a content maestro without the hard sell. The kind that builds trust as smooth as butter melting on warm toast (makes me hungry just thinking about that!). So cozy up, grab your notepad, because it’s time to give your business the voice it deserves.

Let’s make some noise, create a splash, and throw in a pinch of fun. You’re in for a ride on the content creation rollercoaster, and I promise, you’ll come out yelling “Let’s do that again!” Prepare to be inspired – it’s time to get your content creation groove on!
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We’re Stark Raving Entrepreneurs. We help you with the lifestyle of “Live and Let Live.” Do whatever you want, but don’t hurt others and don’t take their stuff. We embrace what is called the “Non-Aggression Principle” (NAP).

For your convenience here are some time stamps of note-worthy content for this episode:

1. [00:00:39] – Terry discusses the importance of content creation and thought leadership using tools such as an email newsletter, which he and his partner Gina Carr actively employ at Stark Raving Entrepreneurs.

2. [00:02:01] – Terry expresses his preference for podcasting as a way to connect with the audience and considers it alongside video creation as effective means to build trust and showcase authenticity.

3. [00:03:14] – Terry stresses the advantage of content creation in building trust without being overly pushy or salesy, and instead focusing on providing value by addressing specific problems in the industry.

4. [00:05:05] – Terry touches on the unique aspect of being a regular content creator, either through audio or video, and how it allows the audience to feel like they know the person behind the content.

5. [00:07:30] – He suggests attending podcast events like Podfest to learn and engage with the podcast community, and emphasizes the benefits of podcasting in establishing a deep connection with listeners.

6. [00:08:42] – Terry dives into technical tools for content creation, such as e cam for scene creation and Camtasia for video editing, and discusses the ease of creating and editing content with these tools.

7. [00:13:00] – He wraps up by encouraging listeners to start using the available tools, regardless of their budget, to become better content creators and expand their reach effectively. Terry invites feedback and commentary on the services offered by Stark Raving Entrepreneurs.

For your convenience, here’s a summary in Spanish:

En este episodio de “Stark Raving Entrepreneurs,” Terry Brock, un orador profesional con más de 40 años de experiencia, comparte consejos para los empresarios acerca de la creación de contenido. Comienza destacando la importancia de comunicarse con su audiencia utilizando diferentes plataformas como boletines de correo electrónico, podcast y videos. Terry menciona la importancia de la confianza y de proporcionar información de calidad sin ser insistente en la venta. Recomienda el uso de herramientas de grabación disponibles hoy en día, como los teléfonos inteligentes y aplicaciones de edición como eCam y Camtasia.

Terry también enfatiza el valor del repurposing (reutilización) de contenido a través de herramientas como Cast Magic, que ayuda a transformar un solo tipo de contenido en varios formatos para diferentes plataformas. Finalmente, invita al público a interactuar con el podcast a través de comentarios y preguntas, y promueve futuros episodios donde se detallarán más herramientas y estrategias para la creación y distribución de contenido.

Also for your convenience, here’s an unedited transcript of this presentation:

Terry Brock -Recording [00:00:00]:

You are going to get some information that can profoundly make your business better in this video. Hi. I’m Jerry Brock. I’m a person who’s been working with thought leaders and working with coaches, speakers for a long time, and I wanna show you in this video how you can use content creation to get a lot done. I’ve been doing it myself, well, since I was a little kid. Actually, when I was in 2nd grade doing some things. And then all the way through undergrad was radio, TV, newspaper, and now have been doing this for, well, over 40 years as a professional speaker, a coach, and marketing advisor, and communication advisor. I wanna show you specific nitty gritty steps that you can take to enhance your business, because there’s a lot that’s out there.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:00:39]:
When you’re working with the people who need to know your message, you can help them in many profound ways. This is what we do regularly here at Stark Raving Entrepreneurs. We’re looking out for you. Wanna help you in a big way. You can come over and take a peek at us, starkravingentrepreneurs.com, and we’d love to help you out. But there are many ways that people can get involved in being a thought leader in helping. 1 is with an email newsletter. I know that many people do that, and I highly encourage you to do that.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:01:07]:
Gina Carr, my partner, and I here at Stark Raving Entrepreneurs are doing that regularly. Being a person who can send out information through text is dazzling. That was the first thing that I did. I was in 2nd grade on the bus to Express. You might have heard of that. We went out there, and we put a little memo together. We talked about what was going on in the school. Me and Jimmy and Johnny, 2 buddies of mine, and we were all there in 2nd grade, went went out and did our little thing and had fun doing it, writing.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:01:35]:
Now we didn’t use computers, but we were writing with typewriters or really we’d write it out by hand most of the time because we didn’t have access to all that. But you’re still doing the same thing. You’re connecting with people who have a message to send people who want information. Also, you might be using podcasting. Podcasting is a wonderful way to do it right now. We have a podcaster so just like we have a newsletter that goes out. And you’re able to connect with people. I particularly like podcasting.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:02:01]:
I’m gonna share with you how that can be something to consider if you’re not already. And then also, video creation. That tends to be my number one way of doing it. I love it. You connect with a person. You see what they’re like. You find out what they’re like. People feel they’re going to know, like, and trust you because of who you are and what they’re seeing on the screen.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:02:20]:
So being good at that. I’m gonna give you some steps of what you can do, and this is gonna be the first of a few videos I’m gonna put together talking about, whole idea of content creation. This is just you and me here. I do this regularly here in my study. You’ve been watching our videos. You know what I’m talking about. And been able to do it on the road as well using, well, one of these guys over here, my smartphone. So I take my smartphone on this, a little tripod or something like this here as well.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:02:47]:
And the quality today is amazing. What we could get. I’m using my Samsung s 24 right now. It is dazzling just to see the video quality, the still picture quality, and it keeps getting better and better all the others all the time. We know from the iPhone side, as we’re recording this, the iPhone 15 is really hot. Gina has one of those. And they do really well in many different areas. I would encourage you to look at the opportunities for that.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:03:14]:
Because being a thought leader and using content gives you a lot of specific advantages. One of the biggest advantages you have in being a content creator is you’re building trust. You’re building trust, and it’s not pushy. You’re not going out there and going, hi. I’m wonderful. Buy my stuff. People don’t want that. But if instead, you’ve identified a clear area where people need help, then you can say, hey, you know that problem you’re having that others are having in the industry? That’s what I work with.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:03:40]:
Matter of fact, we have done several of those. Last week, we worked with missus Jones over in East Wakahuka, a good place to visit. And we helped her on on this and she did that way. People start hearing stories. This is where video, where audio, where text all come to play, and each has its own little nuance of what to do to do it right. And we’re gonna talk about some of that in this series as well. We do that a lot at Start Raving Entrepreneurs. But what you wanna do is with content marketing, let people know they can look to you for something that’s gonna be quality, and it’s not pushy.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:04:13]:
That’s really important. Another thing that it’s doing is it’s giving you excellent quality information that people want. It gives them value. Their lives are better. Oh, hey. Wait a minute. We’re gonna watch this video on YouTube that deals with big problem facing us today. Let’s watch that.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:04:27]:
And we hear really smart person talking about all that. And then when we hear it, we go, hey. I hadn’t thought that, but she made a very good point. We can go back and try that here. So what you wanna do is look at what people are going through. What are the challenges they have? You want to, as Chris Brogan likes to say, grow bigger ears. Listen more. Listen to what they’re doing.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:04:49]:
Not just saying, hi. We’ve got this wonderful product. It is great. You should buy it. We’ll make you a really good deal on it. No. That’s too crass. What you wanna do is listen to where they’re coming from, Identify the pains they have and see if the product or service that you have is going to help them.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:05:05]:
Is that going to be able to solve their problem? And if you can do that, you’ve got a winner going on for it for you. You know, there’s another really unique thing about being a content creator and someone who, I think particularly who’s on video or on audio or they read your text on a regular basis, they get to know you or at least something that they think is like you. I remember when I was on radio, when I was a kid. Got into radio when I was 17, junior in high school, and I started working on the Family Life Broadcasting system. I remember back in Michigan, it was I I still remember this. W u n n, 11:10 on your AM dial from Mason, Michigan or w u f n, 96.7 on the FM dial from Albion, Michigan, the voice of the Family Life Broadcasting System. Excuse me, so I do that. I don’t work work with me on this stuff.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:05:54]:
I have fun with that. But, I did that. I was in radio in high school. Undergrad was radio, TV, and newspaper, and I worked in radio stations after that as well. But what happened is people would get to hear you on the radio, and back then it was mainly radio. We didn’t have a lot of video. This was back in the seventies. And, they would come to the station sometimes and go, wow.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:06:12]:
You don’t look at all like we thought you did. Now I didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but people felt a bond. They felt like they knew you. When they see you for the first time, they’d come up talking to you as if you were a long lost relative. Terry, so good to see you. Oh, we hear you on the radio. And I realized even then at a tender age back then, it was something that you were making a bond because people could imagine in their mind what you look like. If you’re doing a podcast, you know what I’m talking about.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:06:42]:
People get to know you. At least, I’ll put that in air quotes. They get to know you from what you’re doing. And so, I would say, leverage that if at all possible. If it’s right for you, leverage that to something that you can use to connect with people and solve their problems. Again, not just saying how wonderful you are. Hi. I’m wonderful.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:07:00]:
I do this. I do that. But rather, you’re offering real insights. On a podcast, interviews are fabulous. When you can get the right person, you get special guests who’s an expert in a given area, and you ask the right questions, being able to ask questions that your listeners would want to ask them anyway, you’re gonna really have something that’s special. I’ve enjoyed working with, Podfest for several years now. I love going back, scheduled to go back again and speak about different topics that are relevant to podcasters. I’d encourage you to look at a podcast.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:07:30]:
If you’re doing one right now, looking at attending a service or a convention, a conference like Podfest, Or if you’re not doing that, maybe think about going to some podcast events somewhere. There’s a lot of YouTube channels out there, devoted to it. There’s a lot of Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups of people using podcasting. Look into that. It can be really, really helpful for you. And that’s way you build that bond with people. And that’s what you wanna do as a thought leader, as a coach, as someone who is leading people, advising them, consulting, you want to be able to do that. And these are some tools that can help you.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:08:08]:
And, of course, you can use video. I’m using a view YouTube channel, and you might be watching that here, or you might be listening to this on podcast. What we do, as many people do, is we record it initially on video, then we do some editing with it. And I’m gonna get into the details of that to show you the tools that are easy to use, that can save you a lot of time, money, and energy. Used to be you had to always hire somebody to do it for you and there is a place for that still. But, right now, many tasks can be automated. When you can get a machine to do it and all you do is press a button, you can do it. I’m using a tool called e cam.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:08:42]:
E cam gives us the ability to set up what they call scenes. You just press a button and go from one to another, and you’re able to see it. Matter of fact, you saw a little bit of that. Those of you that are watching the video here, notice right here. I’m bringing the video that says video creation. You see a video playing over there. I’m over here on the side. This is a scene And I can bring up this scene, play it over and over whenever I want.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:09:04]:
Also, it’s real nice. What I could do is I could stop the video over there. I can pull that video out, put another one in, and still have the same basic structure. Same thing over here in podcasting. See, I can talk about that. I can bring in a video and did all of this within e cam. And it works very, very nicely. So you can do that.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:09:21]:
And then, I take it into Camtasia, which is a tool that does video editing. It does a great job of it. There are many really, really good tools out there that do that. There’s, Imovie, which is on the Mac. You’ll see when you get it. Also, you see there’s video movie maker that I believe is over on, on the Windows sign. Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro from Apple. There are many good tools.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:09:46]:
It’s not my place to say, this is the one to use. But I find that something like C Mac, Camtasia for Mac is the one I’m using. And I don’t know all of it. There’s a whole lot more that I don’t know, but I know enough to be able to work with it and get done what I need to do. I’d love to hear your comments on that and what you think about it. But I like to start with video because then from video, I can pull out the audio for the podcast. We can run it through a tool called cast magic, which we’re gonna talk about even more later. Cast magic is gotta be one of the best tools for thought leaders.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:10:20]:
It gives you the ability to repurpose that content. I take the audio part of what we have here or I just copy the YouTube URL or can upload an m p 4. And it grabs the audio, gives you a transcript of it, and then the fun begins. It parses it up, answering questions, developing for you a nice introduction. It develops for you titles that you could suggest. It develops for you the LinkedIn text that you could use. Don’t use it just with a copy and paste, but take it and what I want you to do is to u ize it. That’s right.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:10:56]:
Y o u dash I z e. U I z e. I want you to make it u. If your name’s Bob, I want you to Bob Isaac. If your name is Shanika, I want you to Shanika Isaac. I like to Terry Isaac. So I’ll take it and make it into me. That means put in your feelings, your ideas for that LinkedIn, for the Instagram that cast magic will develop for you, for the reels that will come for Facebook or Instagram, the translation that it can give you.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:11:26]:
Hey, if you’re catching this on my WordPress site, and if you’re not, you might wanna bounce over there. Take a look at the Spanish language summary that we get as well. I don’t speak Spanish that well. I’m studying it right now, and I got a long way to go. But people who do speak Spanish well have looked at it, and have told me, hey, that looks really good. It is accurate. And I thought, oh, well, that’s what matters. So the opportunities for you now to u ize your material and to make several different repurposing positions for it, it’s just enormous.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:11:58]:
You can do this. And we’re gonna be talking about that. Matter of fact, we got some courses that are gonna be coming up on cast magic, showing you as a thought leader exactly step by step how you do this and how you turn it into making money. Well, these are some of the basic reasons why you wanna work with thought leaders, why you wanna use content in order to market. It builds a trust. You’re able to do it, and there’s some steps that you can go through. And we’re gonna talk about that in the following videos that that are coming up. We’re gonna show you specific tools, nitty gritty, this tool right here.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:12:31]:
I’ve told told you about a few of them already. Cast Magic is one of the best for repurposing. I also use C Mac, Camtasia for Mac, which is a wonderful little tool from TechSmith. And we are using, e cam. It gives you the ability to do it very easily. Not that you have to go out and buy all of these tools. You can actually Here we go. Grab your phone, just your phone, and use this to create a video, no editing, and put it up on YouTube just like that.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:13:00]:
It’s not fancy, not a whole lot of edits and cuts, but it works. And if that’s something that is right for you and with your budget of time, money, and energy, and knowledge of that, well, then good. Do that. If, however, you say, hey, we got a little bit of money here. We’re gonna get some good video editors that can help us. There’s a lot of people that can do that around the world. We’re working with some right now that do that. We’re not doing it ourselves just because, well, I’m using e cam and CMAC, and that tends to work real well for us.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:13:29]:
But you find what works for you. So these are all real good possibilities that you can use to make some progress and to get farther ahead in what you’re doing. So what I want you to do is to think about it. How can you start using the tools, right, and become a better content creator to reach more people to get done the message that you need to do? This is what we do for many people today, showing people how to use these tools, how to work with them, and get a lot more done. We’d love to hear from you. Come over to Starkraving Entrepreneurs and leave a note, or wherever you’re getting this, on your podcast, maybe you’re getting it on YouTube, you might be getting this on a social media platform, please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you the questions you might have. If you like what we’re saying here.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:14:15]:
If you don’t like what we’re saying, you say, hey, Terry. You missed a point on this or that. I definitely wanna hear from you. So drop us a note and we’ll look forward to hearing from you. I’m Terry Brock. Thank you very much for joining me today.

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