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Maryanne "MJ" George - Music
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Monday, October 18, 2021


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Maryanne "MJ" George - Music  

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      Tribl Records, the new premiere recording home for Christian and Gospel music artists, announces the release of the premiere South Asian Worship artist, Maryanne “MJ” George. Affectionately, known as MJ, she released her debut solo album, Not Just Stories, on her birthday, Friday, October 8th. 

 Maryanne "MJ" George "Not Just Stories"

MJ and Maverick City Music

      As a member of the multi-platinum selling, Maverick City Music, the album Not Just Stories features Maverick City Music members Dante Bowe, Aaron Moses and Naomi Raine. The EP, Not Just Stories is Maryanne “MJ” George’s very first EP release and the first solo release from a member of Maverick City Music. It captures the essence of MJ’s faith walk, featuring a collection of deep-felt worship, uplifting praise songs and extended/spontaneous worship. The opening track, “Journey” is an artistic emotional and transparent heartfelt song that was birthed out MJ’s initial fear of being a songwriter. Inspired by the story of Abraham and Isaac, “I’m Gonna Worship” with Dante Bowe, is a simple song of victorious praise.

      The expecting mother-to-be shares, "This album is sacred - it’s my gift to the Lord. Every song holds a tangible expression of a moment I’ve had with the Lord. I took a chance and went full-time with songwriting and artistry a few years ago. It was difficult for me, but this album became one of remembrance and grounding.”

     Native of Queens, NY, currently residing in St. Louis, Mo, MJ grew up in a musical family and Christian home where music was the center of many family gatherings. She started by singing covers on Instagram, which started the development of a faithful fan following. In 2018 while attending Bethel Worship School, MJ sang at a school showcase and became discovered by Bethel Worship label executives in the audience; this discovery led to an invite to attend the songwriters camp that birthed Maverick City Music.


     "Within 5 minutes we had the bridge for the song, 'Not Just Stories.' I had a real encounter with God during the writing process and was so overwhelmed by the reality of heaven and the reality of Jesus. He is not just a story," shares Dante Bowe.

     Keep up with MJ and the album Not Just Stories by following MJ on social media using the handle: @MaryAnneJGeorge

Not Just Stories track-listing:

1. Prayer

2. Journey (Mitch Wong)

3. You Have My Yes (Naomi Raine)

4. I’m Gonna Worship (Dante Bowe)

5. Altar (Justus Tams)

6. Be Glorified (Spontaneous)

7. Not Just Stories (Aaron Moses


Not Just Stories is MJ’s very first EP release, still holding a collective feel portrayed through the visual TRIBL/Mav choir and featured artists (Mav artists & other friends). This EP contains 6 songs in total, 2 of which are extended/spontaneous versions capturing the essence of a Heaven-on-Earth “forever-worship”. A combination of deep-felt worship and an uplifting praise song, all of which are suitable for congregational singing. 


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